Sample Four-Year Program for a Political Science B.A.

POLS 201 (GE D5) (4)
POLS 202 (GE D4) (4)
GE (22)

POLS 302 (4)
POLS 303 (4)
POLS 304 (4)
GE (18)

Comparative Government (4)*
International Relations (4)*
GE (19)

Political Theory (4)*
American Government (4)*
Senior Seminar (4)
Electives (19)

Total Units: 120

*Distribute these upper-division area courses across Junior/Senior years, according to Department offerings and/or your own personal schedule.

NOTE: It is recommend that majors consider taking history and economic courses as part of their elective options. Nine units of the GE requisite must be filled with upper division courses, taken no sooner than the term in which upper-division standing (60 units) is attainted. POLS 315 (Modern Political Ideologies) counts as both an upper-division GE course (D5) as well as an upper division political theory course for the major. POLS 307 Holocaust Lecture Series also counts as an upper-division GE course (D5).