Freshmen Themed Communities

Students who choose to live on campus will be asked to choose the type of living environment they wish to take part in. Themed Communities are unique environments in which groups of students share a common residential experience.

Many of the communities also share a common academic experience. Students in each area are housed together in designated villages and either take pre-determined classes together or engage in community involvement programming together.

Academic Communities

These communities help students create a link between their lives in the residential community and learning experiences in the classroom. An environment is created that is conducive to building a strong, cohesive peer support system that serves the students throughout their academic and professional careers. The Academic Communities are the Academic Career Exploration (ACE), Freshman Year Experience (FYE), and First-Gen living areas.

Themed Communities

Interest themed housing offers opportunities for students who share common interests a living environment in which their shared passions can be explored with others. Students have the opportunity to interact and build friendships with neighboring residents through year-long social and educational activities revolving around their building theme. The interest themed communities are the Academic Achievement, Adventure Living, Expressive Arts, Gender Inclusive, Global Engagement, Leadership and Service, and Wellness areas.