Sexual Assault Resources

Living on campus provides students with many benefits and services.  Close access to on-call staff and University Polly often instill a sense of safety. It is important for students to remember that our campus is open to the public. The design of our suite style courtyards do not provide an additional level of security that one may find in traditional multi-story residence halls.  We advise residents to look doors and windows at night and when you are not at home.  Students should not leave sliding doors unlocked. Students are encouraged to always think about safety when walking at night. We encourage our residents to utilize the buddy system, contact University Police for assistance, and to generally be aware of your surroundings. 

The Residential Life staff is committed to providing both educational training and information about sexual harassment and assault.  Civility and respect are core values of the department. We hope that all members of the community treat each other in a respectful and civil way, paying attention to their intentions and their impact. The Residential Life professional staff is here to assist our residents with health and safety information, community resource information, and utilizing the complaint process. If you feel that you might be the victim of sexual harassment/assault, please let a University staff member help you.  Because cyber harassing/bullying is a growing facto of our world, we encourage you to keep a copy of inappropriate or threatening texts, emails, phone messages, and show them to the SSU Police immediately.

As mandated reporters, we are required to alert the University Title IX Compliance Officer when we become aware of a potential discriminatory event within our halls.  More information can be found at the Campus Responses to Violence and Discrimination page.

Sexual Assault

You are not alone. Qualified, caring, confidential help is available on-campus and in the community. Sexual Assault can happen to anyone of any gender, age, sexual orientation or circumstance. If an assault of any kind has occurred, go to a safe location away from the perpetrator. To report the incident to the nearest Police jurisdiction, call 911.

  • Police reporting doesn’t obligate a victim to press charges or seek prosecution, and steps are taken to protect the victim’s identity and privacy.
  • Police can provide assistance, advocacy, and information about medical services and the numerous support resources available and well as about pressing charges or filing a sex discrimination complaint.
  • Consistent with the victim’s wishes, police can arrange for a forensic sexual assault exam which must be done in the region’s legally authorized medical setting so evidence can be collected in conjunction with the provision of relevant medical care. Preserve evidence for this kind of exam. Avoid showering, bathing, or trying to clean things up until evidence has been collected.
  • SSU Police are open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. They are located in Verdot Village and can be reached by dialing 911 when on campus, or by calling 707- 664-4444 from any location. They will also help facilitate contact with the appropriate law enforcement agency if the assault happened in an off-campus jurisdiction.

Get Confidential Medical Care and Support

This can be before, after, or while you are uncertain about contacting police or getting an evidentiary forensic sexual assault exam.
You may also wish to seek confidential advocacy services to further explore your options and/or get help with navigating medical, counseling, reporting and other circumstances.


Anyone who becomes aware of a sexual assault should report it. For campus-related circumstances, call SSU Police at (707) 664-4444 and contact Title IX.

On-Campus SSU Healthcare, Advocacy & Support Resources

Off-Campus Healthcare, Advocacy, & Support

  • If you prefer off-campus medical care or the SHC is closed, see the list of local hospitals & clinics or visit your private physician.
  • A forensic sexual assault exam arranged by police includes relevant off-campus healthcare.
  • Verity (formerly United Against Sexual Assault) provides local off-campus victim advocacy. The 24 /7 hotline is (707 545-7273, or visit the Immediate Help page at Verity's site.
  • The National Rape Hotline at 1-(800)-656-HOPE provides similar 24/7 assistance if you’re out of the area.

Additional Options

A student or employee who has experienced a campus-related sexual assault or harassment may file an informal or formal sex discrimination complaint with the SSU Title IX, to seek administrative assistance, investigation, and resolution. This is available, whether or not the victim chooses to report to Police or pursue a criminal complaint. For details, see the following websites: