Mission and Values

Residential Life Mission

Our mission is to provide a learning environment that promotes the academic and personal development of our students.

Residential Life Values

  • Community: A physical space, human interaction, and/or shared experience that develops respect for and dignity of all members

  • Academic Success: A commitment to our students’ intellectual academic achievements and their pursuits of life-long learning

  • Holistic Development: A consideration for the entirety of one’s experience, encompassing their intellectual, physical, and spiritual and emotional well being

  • Human Awareness and Diversity: An exploration of self and an understanding of one’s own diverse perspectives and identities, in relation to others and the global society

  • Responsibility: A choice that one makes to adhere to community standards while assuming accountability for their words and actions

5 Pillars of Community

  1. Sense of belonging
  2. Civil Mindedness
  3. Healthy, genuine interest in individuals and community
  4. Accountable to the whole and self
  5. Pride in SSU

Community Development

We recognize that community development starts with the individual, gaining a broader scope as one develops their sense of self, their purpose in their home community, to gradually extending to the general SSU campus community. The general SSU community consists of both on and off campus partners (and neighbors).

Community Building

  1. Shared Experiences: Programs, events, door decorations, building meetings
  2. Community Standards: 1-on-1s, suitemate agreements, conversations about community standards, and accountability
  3. Connections with Shared Interests: Connecting students to other people/resources/opportunities based on knowledge about similar interests
  4. Present and Engaged Staff: Being “visible” and actively approachable to community
  5. Empowering Residents: Encouraging residents to take ownership of their community through program planning, holding each accountable, and actively engaging in community