Village Council

An offshoot of the Residential Student Association (RSA), the Village Councils provide governance and programming for each individual village. At other campuses, this may be called a "Building council" or "Hall government".

VCs usually meet weekly in their community and elections occur 2 to 3 weeks after the fall semester begins. VCs have no set structure and it is up to the specific councils to come up with one that works for them. There may already be a constitution in place that the group prior had created that will provide some assistance.

Some Village Councils have worked with housing to get more benches, garbage cans, help with the birds that live above the buildings etc. The VCs are advised mainly by the Area Coordinator for the village; however, with the creation of senior year CSAs, they will have increased responsibility in advising the councils.

How do I get involved?

The VC is a great way to get involved, help plan events for your community, and is a good stepping stone into other areas of leadership within the Res Halls or the campus at large!

Village council information nights will be held during the second week of school, with elections occurring mid-September. Be sure to check with your CSA or watch for signs within your village listing dates and times for these events. Following elections, Village Council members attend a training day to help get them up to speed.

Contact Ben Ellis or the Village Area Coordinator for more information regarding how you can get involved with the Village Council!