National Residential Hall Honorary (NRHH)

The Laura Gale NRHH Chapter was founded in April 1991. Since that time, the National Residence Hall Honorary has been comprised of the "top 1%" of the student leadership within the residential community. These students have contributed extraordinary amounts of personal time and energy in order to make the SSU Residential Community “more than JUST residence halls.” Our membership can never exceed 1% of the resident community in active members, and therefore selection as a member of the Laura Gale Chapter of NRHH is viewed as an important honor.

The fundamental purpose of the NRHH is to recognize student leaders’ contributions to the residential community. As a member of NRHH, you are encouraged to attend bi-monthly meetings, assist in the implementation of leadership socials, and to help celebrate ourselves for the work we have accomplished. This organization is an asset to the development of leadership skills and values for both the individual and the organization.

Four Pillars/Values of NRHH

We base our program around four pillars/values. They include:

The NRHH helps to inform students about leadership opportunities in the residence halls and on campus through information sessions, workshops, and assisting the Seawolf Leadership Program in promoting recruitment for over 13 paid leadership positions on campus. 

We recognize students, leaders, faculty, and staff in the halls and on campus for their involvements and efforts! Through our "Of The Month Award" program, we recognize students, village council members, CSAs, faculty/staff , social and educational programs, and other involvements by our residents in the campus community. We also host the residential community recognition awards banquet in  April.

Academic Success
NRHH strives to remind students that we are here for a reason, and to celebrate higher education and the opportunities we have here. We do this through providing quiet study rooms/sessions prior to finals, study skill workshops, promoting Res Hall tutoring, and by hosting the Last Lecture series on campus. 

Community Service
NRHH members complete two community service projects per semester and promote opportunities on campus through our JUMP program. Some of our projects have included creek clean-ups, beach clean-ups, working at the Food Bank, sponsoring a city-wide Goodwill drive, and participating in the San Francisco Avon Breast Cancer Walk and sustainability festivals in Santa Rosa.