Residential Student Association (RSA)

The Residential Student Association is a student organization comprised of residents who have taken on a leadership role in the community.  RSA’s mission is to help your student get the most out of their on-campus college experience by providing educational workshops, outdoor activities, movie nights, and other types of programs and trips. RSA also addresses concerns or needs of the residents by taking issues brought to us to the administrators on campus to create a better living environment for the students.

All residents are encouraged to get involved with RSA through Village Councils. Village Council informational meetings will be hosted in each living area within the first two weeks of the school year. These weekly meetings between the RSA and Village Councils will be a space for students to connect, share thoughts, learn about their leadership abilities, and about other opportunities on campus.

Leadership Opportunities

RSA not only provides leadership opportunities for those who take on roles and get involved in Village Councils, but we also provide opportunities for residents to attend and participate in regional and national leadership conferences with other student leaders from campuses around the country.

Get-A-Way Trips

In conjunction with Residential Life, RSA coordinates Get-A-Way Trips every weekend to local and non-local events, destinations, and shows. The trips give students a chance to get out of their rooms, see the local area, have new experiences, and meet new friends. The trips range from free, to lower cost ($5.00 to $10.00), to larger events that may cost more in the $20.00 to $35.00 range. RSA Sticker holders will receive discounts ranging from $3.00 to $15.00 on all trips.

Trips begin during Seawolf Welcome Weeks and continue throughout the year. Trip prices include admission, transportation costs, tolls, and parking fees. Some examples of Get-A-Way Trips are professional baseball, basketball, and hockey games;  San Francisco theater shows, museums, skiing trips, beach clean-ups, Jelly Belly Factory tours, hikes and Six Flags. 

RSA Fundraising

While RSA does receive funding from Residential Life and Housing, we do fundraising to provide great events and trips throughout the year. All money from these fundraisers go right back to the students in the form of events and trips. Annual fundraisers include:

RSA Sticker Program

Students pay $30 for the RSA sticker that goes on their ID Card. Residents will receive a Sonoma RSA t-shirt, discounts of $3-$20 on trips, discounts at local businesses, as well as invitations to special sticker holder events and raffles throughout the year. While all RSA events are open to all residential students, Activity Membership Stickers allow students discounts on all RSA sponsored and co-sponsored events. Last year over $100 in discounts were made available to RSA members!

Membership sticker fees provide nearly 100% of the funding towards RSA and the Village Councils. This year, there will also be a variety of local businesses (all within walking distance of campus) offering discounts to RSA Sticker Holders! The RSA Activity Membership Sticker cost is only $30.00!

You can purchase your RSA stickers at the Opening BBQ in August, or go online to sign up for an account and purchase the sticker.

Students who order by August 1st can pick up their shirt and sticker at the Opening Weekend BBQ on August 20th, between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

RSA Welcome, Holiday, and Finals Care Packages

RSA works with On Campus Marketing to provide opportunities for parents and guardians to send care packages at various times throughout the year. Please note that you will get three separate mailings with instructions on how to order the Welcome, Holiday, and Finals packages.

RSA Linen Program

RSA works with On Campus Marketing to provide bedding and other various linens for purchase. The items are guaranteed to fit our extra-long beds and offer a variety of patterns and colors.

Ways to Get Involved in/Connected to RSA

  • Ask your CSA when you move in
  • Check out the Seawolf Welcome Weeks schedule for information meetings and events sponsored by RSA
  • Come to a meeting! Watch for signs around the Residential Community when you arrive!
  • Email us at!