S.T.E.P. Up for Sustainability- Seawolves Targeting Earth-friendly Practices
Residential Community Commitment to Sustainable SSU

The Residential Community is committed to doing our share in helping the University become a more sustainable SSU. Residential Life staff  recognize the valuable role we can play in educating and empowering our residents to move  towards a more sustainable ideology and set of practices.

ResLife Goals

Throughout the year Residential Life staff will coordinate the STEP Up for Sustainability initiative using educational campaigns and challenges in the residential community and beyond, focusing on three areas. The three areas are:

  1. Water and Energy Conservation
  2. Responsible Consumerism
  3. Resource Stewardship

ResLife Learning Outcomes

What Sonoma State students will learn in regarding sustainability:

  1. Students will know Sonoma State’s commitment to sustainability, especially as it relates to water and energy conservation, responsible consumerism, and resource stewardship.
  2. Students will understand implications of their behavior and learn tools that meet the University's commitment to sustainability.
  3. Students will be able to demonstrate what practices they must engage in and actions they must take to live.