SST's Mission

The School of Science and Technology is dedicated to the creation and application of knowledge in our disciplines and to communicate scientific understanding to students, peers, and the communities we serve. Our partnerships with educational, scientific, and business communities foster a dynamic learning environment. We actively engage undergraduate and graduate students in learning and connect them to opportunities in employment and education. We draw on local natural and cultural resources to enhance the educational mission of Sonoma State University.

Vision Statement

The School of Science and Technology at Sonoma State University will be a recognized as a regional resource and national center of excellence in teaching and scholarship.

We will create a learning community of exceptional and diverse students, faculty, and staff, and our graduates will make contributions to humanity in many ways.

Our educational and scholarly activities will be enriched by active public and private partnerships.

In making this vision a reality, faculty, staff, and administrators will work together to provide outstanding educational experiences for our students and to engage in quality scholarship.