Departments & Programs

CREST within the School of Science & Technology was established as a support mechanism to help the school engage in research and education with off-campus institutions and industries. The activities of CREST are mainly focused in the Cerent Engineering Science Complex laboratories. Cerent's W. M. Keck and Photonics laboratories contain millions of dollars worth of equipment including sophisticated materials characterization instruments as well as high level electronic and optical measurement equipment. CREST has provided the local industries, particularly some high tech start up industries with a mechanism to access the Cerent facilities. Ultimately the main purpose of CREST is to help the local high tech industries initiate projects and activities within Cerent laboratories through which our faculty, students and staff will benefit from collaborating on the cutting edge investigations.

CREST's Goals

  • To enhance research capabilities for attracting funds to help instruction and to attract better students
  • To generate revenue for the school and help the technical community through partnership with industry
  • To help speed up transformation of the SST to a teacher/scholar institution
  • To provide an atmosphere of research collaboration and to increase the level of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary activities within the school
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