Summer HS Internship Program (SHIP) 2012

General Information

The School of Science and Technology (SST) at SSU in partnership with Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE) has created a summer research internship program for Sonoma County high school juniors under the mentorship of SST faculty to stimulate interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) among high school students. The most talented and interested students from Sonoma County high schools are selected competitively. In addition to the $1000.00 stipend, these students are given opportunities to work on challenging projects, become familiar with excellent state-of-the art research and development facilities, university education environment and interact with the faculty as well as our students. These students then act as our ambassadors to relay the highlights of the School of Science and Technology to their classmates and friends, counselors, teachers, and principals during their senior year.

Symposium Pictures

Students showcased their projects at the SSU STEM Summer Internship Program Research Symposium on September 10, 2012. See the event photos.

Project List

The Summer 2012 awardees and their schools, respective projects and faculty mentors are as follows. Official SHIP interns are marked with an asterisk; all other students were volunteers.

Student + High School Faculty Mentor Project Title
* Adrian Chan, Pathways Charter School
* Joanna Ortiz, Roseland University Prep
* Brodie Vivio, Montgomery High School
Audrey Chan, Pathways Charter School
Dr. Lynn Cominsky, Department of Physics and Astronomy; NASA E/PO
Dr. Kevin McLin, NASA E/PO
Monitoring Active Galaxies with the GLAST Optical Robotic Telescope
* Yucheng (Jason) Li
Maria Carrillo High School
Dr. Joseph Lin
Department of Biology
Molecular Analysis of Immune Cells from the Sea Lamprey
* Anita Savell, Santa Rosa High School
James Pierpoint, Maria Carrillo High School
Carol Shi, Maria Carrillo High School
Dr. Jennifer Whiles Lillig
Department of Chemistry
Characterization of the Key Molecular Features Involved in the Anti-Microbial Activity of Bacteriocins
* Amy Jin, Casa Grande High School
Remi Leano, Maria Carrillo High School
Dr. Carmen Works
Department of Chemistry
Quantum Yield Determination of a Potential Photo-Catalysis for the Activation of Hydrogen
* Kylie Dale, Healdsburg High School
* Akhil Nadendla, Casa Grande High School
Dr. Suzanne Rivoire, Department of Computer Science
Elizabeth Giuliani, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Program Visualization Tools
* Waleed Atallah, Technology High School
Jessica McCready, faculty at Orchard View School
Dr. Ali Kujoory
Department of Engineering Science
Solar-to-Electrical Energy System Design
* Nick Rose
Analy High School
Dr. Jack Ou
Department of Engineering Science
ECG Measurement System
* Emily Goldfield, Montgomery High School
Nate Bechtel, Casa Grande High School
Dr. Bülent Sökmen
Department of Kinesiology
Effects of Caffeine Intake on Exercise Efficiency, Muscle Fiber Recruitments, and Power Output
* Allen Chu, Maria Carrillo High School
Aaron Shotkin, Sonoma Academy
Dr. Jeremy Qualls
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Residual Gas Analyzer for Material Development
* Erica Yee
Casa Grande High School
Dr. Hongtao Shi
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Structure and Optical Properties of Mn-doped ZnS