Lost and Found

SSU Stevenson Hall
Have you lost an item on the campus?
Maybe it has been turned in to the Lost and Found. Stop by Seawolf Services or call us at (707) 664-2308. We are located in Salazar Hall 1000.
Have you found an item on the campus?
If you don't know who the owner might be and it looks like something that the owner would be looking for, drop it by Seawolf Services, or call us at (707) 664-2308.
Here's the scoop on Lost and Found at the University
Seawolf Services collects lost items and does its best to find owners. The accumulated unclaimed items are donated if the used value of the item is less than $300 or auctioned off on campus to raise money for the Scholarship Fund if the used value of the item is $300 or more. Keep your eyes open for advertising for the Lost and Found Auction.
Seawolf Services will attempt to track down owners of lost items
If a lost item has a name on it, we do our best to contact the owner. Be sure to keep your phone number current in your student account. Also, if you lose University keys, and they get turned in to us, we can look up who checked those keys out and call you to let you know we have them!