How to Make an Online Payment

SSU Commencement 2017 at the Green Music Center. Lobo the Seawolf with "Follow the Blue Circles" on the payment expamples.

Step 1: To begin, the student will log-in to their account through SSU Online Services. Once a student has logged in, click 'Payments'.

Screenshot of SSU Online Services page.

Step 2: Click on link 'Click here to make a payment'

Screenshot of Online Payment Site showing account balance and payment options.

Step 3: Click on 'Housing Charge'

Screenshot of Online Payment showing account charges.

Step 4: Enter in amount to be paid, then click "Add to Basket' to continue

Screenshot of Online Payment 'Add to Basket'

Step 5: Confirm amount to be paid is correct, then click 'Checkout' to continue

Screenshot of Online Payment 'Checkout'

Step 6: Choose method of payment for either credit card or electronic check (e-Check).

  • Step 6a: For credit card payment method:

Screenshot of 'Select Method of Payment'

  • Fill in card information.
Screenshot of 'Enter credit card information'

  • Click the box to acknowledge you have read the Terms and Conditions and understand that the payment includes a non-refundable service fee. Upon completion, proceed to Step 7.
Screenshot of 'Terms and Conditions and Service Fee'

  • Step 6b: For electronic check (e-Check) payment method:
Screenshot of 'How to select Electronic Check payment method'

  • Fill in information for an e-Check
Screenshot to enter information for Electronic Check.

Step 7: After payment information has been entered, the payment will not be submitted until you click 'Submit Payment'

Screenshot of 'Submit Payment'

Step 8: Transaction approved, print this receipt for your records.

Screenshot of 'Transaction Approved'

By default, the amount entered will be the current charges on the Student's account; however, you have the option to edit the payment amount. Please review the Payment FAQ for more information about making an "Online General Payment'.

Lobo the Seawolf with "Thank you!" and "Go Seawolvs!"