Welcome to SSU's Student Health Center

Accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc.

The Student Health Center(SHC) provides high quality medical, public health & health education services designed to support the retention, academic achievement & success of SSU students, facilitate healthy lifestyle choices & help promote a safe, healthy campus environment.

  • Location: West side of campus, north of Schulz Library & across from Zinfandel Residence Halls. See map of our location.
  • Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm M-F excluding campus holidays & closures as shown on the SSU Academic Calendar.
  • Summer hours & services may vary. Call 707 664-2921 for information.
  • Meet our staff: Board Certified physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistant, registered nurses, pharmacist, clinical lab scientist & X-ray technologist.
  • Appointment & Cancellations: To make or cancel an appointment call (707) 664-2921

Student Health Center Services include:

Medical Care: Confidential, high quality, outpatient medical visits for acute & sub-acute illness & injury, basic mental health concerns, women's health & contraception, sports & travel medicine, immunizations, preventative health & more. After hours care, specialist care & comprehensive care for complex chronic conditions are beyond the scope of the Student Health Center (SHC). Interim & transitional care including coordination with off-campus providers and/or referral is provided when chronic or specialty care, complex diagnostic testing, hospitalization, or other services beyond the scope or hours of operation of the SHC are indicated.

Lab & X-ray: Free & low cost diagnostic lab tests & basic plain X-ray studies for conditions that are being treated at the SHC.

Pharmacy: A licensed on-site pharmacist dispenses low-cost medicines prescribed by SSU SHC clinicians only, offers some non-prescription items & provides patient education. The SHC pharmacy stocks only the most common medications prescribed by SHC physicians. Prescriptions from off-campus providers should be filled elsewhere.

Health Education & Disease Prevention programs focus on keeping students healthy by taking public health steps to facilitate safe and healthy behaviors, minimize the spread of contagious disease on campus, and by addressing nutrition, fitness, contraception, psychosocial health, substance use, self-care, safety & other topics.

Eligibility & Fees: Most academic year medical visits are provided without charge to regularly enrolled SSU students. Discounted fees are charged for medications, orthopedic supplies, immunizations, complex diagnostic tests, special purpose physicals, & summer services. Students are financially responsible to the provider for medical services received outside the Student Health Center.

Other Important Information:

  • After Hours: Call 911 for emergencies. For other after- hours medical needs, contact your personal off-campus physician, health insurance advice line, an urgent care clinic, or an emergency room. See the SHC After Hours Care Hand Out for some local sources of after-hours care. Students may call after hours to leave an appointment cancellation message.
  • Health Insurance is not required to use the SHC, but is recommended for circumstances that are beyond the scope or hours of operation of the SHC. Insured students should keep their insurance card with them at all times.
  • Medical Information/Medications: Students should know the details of their medical history, medications, & the contact information of their off-campus healthcare providers. Students should also bring a supply of medications they take on a continuing basis with them when they come to college.
  • Treatment of Minors: Parents & legal guardians of students under age 18 should send the SHC a signed authorization for medical treatment of minors. Forms can be downloaded on the SHC forms webpage.