After Hours and Emergency Health Care for SSU Students

Full Student Health Center Services are available M-F from 8 am to 5:00 pm excluding campus holidays and closures.

Click Here for a list of local clinics, urgent care centers & hotlines that offer services and information outside of these hours.

Reduce the likelihood that you'll need after hours services by anticipating and taking care of medical issues. Call the SHC at 707-664-2921 early in the day, if you're ill and getting worse.

Be prepared to use other resources when hospitalization or after hours urgent care is needed.

If you have a medical emergency, call 911 to connect with the Emergency Response System wherever you are located:

  • Dialing 911 on campus or calling 707-664-4444 connects you to SSU Police, who are the 24/7 first responders for medical & amp; other emergencies at SSU.
  • Call 911 in an acute sexual assault circumstance. Police will assist you with getting medical attention and other services. Calling Police does not obligate you to file a criminal complaint or press charges. GO TO Sexual Assault Resources & Information for farther details.

If you need urgent but not emergency after hours attention consider these options:

  • Call a local hot-line (Mental Health: 800-746-8181; Sexual Assault 707 545-7273).
  • Visit an urgent care clinic or hospital emergency room - A list of local clinics, urgent care centers, hospitals, hotlines
  • You are financially responsible for any in-person medical services you receive from off-campus providers.
  • If you have health insurance, always carry your insurance card with you. Call the 24 hour number on the back for nurse advice, referrals, or for information about your coverage.

If you're not sure you need medical attention when the Student Health Center is closed, consider these options:

  • Consult a trusted family member.
  • Contact your hometown doctor, who may be able to give advice by phone or call in a refill for a medication he/she has prescribed for you.
  • Contact the Student Health Center during regular operating hours if you have questions or medical needs remaining from an after-hours medical circumstance.