What About Health Insurance?

Health Insurance is not required for SSU students to use the Student Health Center. During the regular academic year, most visits for illness or injury and some in house lab tests are provided without charge to regularly enrolled students. Discounted user fees are charged for pharmaceuticals, some supplies, lab tests sent to off campus reference labs, and summer services. Mandatory health fees collected along with other required SSU registration fees each semester fund the availability of these services.

Although health insurance does not have a current role in the eligibility for or provisions of Student Health Center services, health insurance is required of International students attending SSU and is strongly recommended for all students to help cover the cost of off campus medical needs such as emergency room visits, hospitalization, ambulance transport, specialty care, complex diagnostic tests, out of area care, or other services that are beyond the scope or hours of operation of the Student Health Center.

As of January 2014, regular U.S. residents including students have been required under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to have health coverage or face federal penalties. Only regular U.S. residents are covered by the Affordable Care Act.

International Students attending on student visa should contact the SSU International Students Office 707-664-2582, and/or the International Students Office Health Insurance web page for information about insurance requirements and options:

Domestic (U.S.) Students seeking insurance coverage have the following options:

  1. May be eligible for coverage through a parent's or spouse's health insurance plan. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) dependents may be covered on a parent's health insurance to age 26.
  2. May be eligible for health insurance through an employer.
  3. May wish to purchase an individual plan through a private insurance company. See http://health.usnews.com/health-plans/national-insurance-companies.
  4. May wish to explore affordable (& sometimes subsidized) insurance options through new health insurance exchange programs operating in each state under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Must be a regular U.S. resident to qualify.
    • Covered California is the Affordable Care Act insurance exchange program for this state. It will allow individuals to find out if they qualify for financial assistance and compare and choose health coverage that best fits their needs and budget. Application for coverage is typically limited to specified open enrollment periods unless an individual has experienced a major life change, such as the loss of previous health insurance.
    • Visit the Covered California website at http://www.coveredca.com/ for details.
    • By law, health coverage under the ACA cannot exclude those with pre-existing medical conditions.
    • Qualifying low income individuals may be eligible for subsidies to help with purchasing insurance or coverage through expanded Medicaid/Medi-cal. Visit http://www.medicaid.gov/ or http://www.medi-cal.ca.gov/default.asp
    There is no mechanism for billing insurance by SSU. The SSU SHC user fees described above are due at the time of the service and must be paid in cash, check or by credit card. A receipt is provided at that time for individuals who wish to seek insurance reimbursement by contacting their insurance company on their own.

To learn more about health coverage or get help with issues that concern you, go to the following government insurance websites: