Information about the Student Health Center from the Sonoma State University Catalogue

Sonoma State University Student Health Center
Student Health Center Building
Phone: (707) 664-2921
Accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Healthcare, Inc

Sonoma State University maintains a nationally accredited, on-campus Student Health Center (SHC) that provides outpatient primary medical care as well as health education, public health and disease prevention services for regularly enrolled SSU students. The Student Health Center is located along West Redwood Circle, between the Schultz Library and Rachel Carson Hall, and East of the Zinfandel area of the Residence Halls.

Hours are 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. M-F, excluding campus closures and holidays.


The Student Health Center’s professional staff includes board certified physicians as well as nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, clinical lab scientist, and X-ray technologist.


The SHC provides quality outpatient medical care for acute and sub-acute illnesses, injuries and basic mental health concerns. Pharmacy, lab, x-ray, travel and athletic medicine and preventative medical services such as immunizations, Pap smears, contraception, and health education are also provided. While interim and transitional care is offered for medical stabilization and support purposes, continuing comprehensive care is not provided for chronic or complex conditions that may require hospitalization, after hours monitoring, the attention of a medical specialist, or similar interventions that are beyond the scope, staffing, or hours of operation of the Student Health Center.

SHC medical visits, health education, and public health services are available at no additional charge to regularly enrolled SSU students who have paid the necessary per semester registration fees. Discounted user fees are in place to cover the acquisition cost of medications, vaccines, specialized diagnostic tests, and certain other supplemental medical supplies. Nominal fees are also charged for pre-employment and pre-participation physicals and for summer services.

Regularly enrolled SSU students who have paid SSU campus registration fees may receive basic medical visit services at other California State University Student Health Centers without additional charge during their regular academic enrollment. Health insurance is not required to use the Student Health Center. However, personal health insurance is recommended, because students are financially responsible for medical services they receive outside the SHC and from off campus entities. A private insurance carrier that contracts directly with registered CSU students offers a moderately priced supplemental health insurance policy designed to complement SHC services by covering necessary off campus, after hours, and out of area health care. Contact the SSU Associated Students Office (707 664-2815) or check Covered California for insurance information.


SHC medical records and related individually identifiable health information are confidential and are held in a manner consistent with state and federal law as well as national accreditation standards. Parents, family members, University personnel, and other individuals who are not the healthcare providers and SHC support staff directly involved in the student’s medical care do not have access to SHC medical information without the patient’s consent.

Student Health Activity Club (SHAC): Opportunities for student involvement and advocacy relevant to campus health issues are available through SHAC and health promotion projects. Those interested in serving on SHAC are encouraged to contact the Student Health Center. Those interested in health promotion projects should contact the SHC health educator.