Mobility Assistance

It was an accident. You weren't planning on it! But suddenly you are acutely ill or injured and having difficulty getting where you need to go on campus.

If you are a regularly enrolled SSU student, the following services are available to assist you.

1. Emergency First Response: SSU Police & Parking Services is the designated 24/7 first responder for on campus emergencies. Call 911 or 664-4444.

2. Medical Care:
  • SSU students can be evaluated and treated on-campus by Student Health Center (SHC) physicians during regular weekday working hours. Call 707 664-2921.
  • There is no charge for basic medical visits to the SHC, but students are financially responsible to the providing entity for the medical services they receive off-campus.

3. Mobility Assistance Devices:

Student Health Center (707) 664-2921 for SSU Student patients under SHC medical care.

  • Short-term loan of medically recommended crutches, cane, or walker.
  • Short term wheel chair rental (up to 5 days) if available, as recommended by a SHC physician.

SSU Recreation Center (707) 664-4386 has a wheelchair

  • For single temporary use from the Rec Center to an on-campus location (dorm, car, SHC) for unexpected accidental mobility limitation.

Off-campus rentals - Redwood Empire Medical Supply 707-585-6800, delivery available for a fee.

  • Wheel chairs or knee walker/scooters by the week $30, or month $90.
  • Electric Scooters by the week/$100 or month/$200.
  • Prices subject to change,contact company this company directly for information
  • Students are financially responsible for their off campus rental and delivery fees. For those with health insurance, this may be a covered expense. Check with your insurance company.

4. Passenger drop off areas and campus accessibility information: See the Campus Accessibility map for handicapped parking, drop off areas nearest your classes, as well as accessible campus pathways and entrances to buildings;

5. Disabled Parking:

  • A 30-day Temporary Disabled Parking Permit may be obtained upon approval by qualifying students from the SSU Disability Services for Students (DSS) office, Salazar 1049, 707 664-2677. See Temporary Disabled Parking Guidelines Read page 1 and page 2 for guidelines & procedures. Temporary Parking Application
  • Disabled Parkingpermits for longer than 30 days require a DMV placard. Applications are available from the DMV on-line DMV placard Form or from the DSS office.

6. SSU Disability Services for Students office (Salazar 1049, 707 664-2677) also provides:

  • Temporary Disability Accommodation Services (e.g., Note-taking assistance due to an injured arm/hand).
  • Disability Management Advising (e.g., Opportunity to meet with an advisor to discuss the barriers you are facing related to your unique situation).

7. Residence Halls: If you need assistance with your SSU Residence Halls living / eating circumstances due to a temporary mobility limitation, call the Residential Life Office at 664-4033.

At this time there is no shuttle transportation option at SSU