Pre-enrollment Immunization Requirements

Measles and Rubella Immunization Requirement:

The California State University system requires that all new and readmitted students who were born after December 31,1956 provide proof of full immunization to measles and rubella prior the start of his/her first semester of classes at SSU. Full immunization is two doses of measles/mumps/rubella (MMR) vaccine after 12 months of age and at least one month apart.

Hepatitis B Immunization Requirement:

First-time enrollees at California State University institutions who are 18 or younger when their first classes at SSU begin, are also required to provide proof of full immunization against the Hepatitis B virus prior to first enrollment. This requirement persists until satisfied, regardless of subsequent age. Since appropriate Hepatitis B immunization consists of series of 3 shots over a minimum 4-6 month period (minimally at 0, 1 and 4 months, or 0, 2 and 4 months), prospective students should begin their immunization series as soon possible.

What is acceptable proof?

A photocopy of official immunization records from a licensed healthcare provider, public health department or California public school showing the vaccine type, dose, and date each shot was received. (Copies of official results of blood tests indicating immunity to the above diseases are also acceptable.) All records must bear the student's full name and birthdate.

Find Old Immunization Records at

Where can I get immunized?

Immunization can be obtained: through your private health care provider, local clinic or public health department, or at the SSU Student Health Center for a nominal fee.

Entering SSU students may receive immunizations at the Student Health Center once they have paid and turned in their Enrollment Reservation Deposit (ERD), or have paid their SSU registration fees.

Satisfying requirements:

To satisfy immunization requirements, send photocopies of official records of required immunizations (or of blood tests showing immunity) to:

Sonoma State University Office of Records and Registration,
1801 E. Cotati, Rohnert Park, CA, 94928;
Attention: Immunization Requirements.
- or -
FAX to (707) 664-2060.

Click here to download a copy of the Pre-enrollment Immunization Requirement Form that should accompany your materials.

Temporary or permanent exemptions for medical, religious or profound personal belief require a signed informed consent & must be discussed with a SHC nurse or doctor. In addition, medical exemptions require a letter from the treating physician. Exempted individuals may be excluded from campus as a public health measure during a disease outbreak.

SSU is not responsible for negative outcomes related to exemptions or delays in completing immunizations.

Please Note! Proof of applicable immunizations or immunity (see above) should be submitted to SSU Records and Registration well in advance of the start of an entering students' first day of classes. A HOLD will be placed on the registration of students who have not submitted proof of full measles and rubella immunization (MMR) and/or at least the first dose of Hepatitis B vaccine prior to census date (20 days into the semester) as well as on the registration of those who later fall behind the shortest possible sequence to complete all shots in the full series of each applicable immunization).

Each matriculated student can check HOLD status by looking up his or her academic record on Peoplesoft. HOLDs are placed for a variety of compliance reasons throughout the semester. Students should therefore check their Peoplesoft record on a regular basis and resolve all HOLDs ASAP. HOLDs for non-compliance with immunization requirements are removed only when the SSU Office of Admissions and Records receives proof of appropriate immunization or immunity.

Immunization Recommendations (including meningococcal disease):

  • Participation in University life creates the opportunity for exposure to other vaccine preventable diseases which might interrupt a student's academic progress or impact his/her overall health.

  • Although not required to attend Sonoma State University, public health experts recommend the following routine immunizations for adolescents and adults. For optimal prevention, recommended immunizations should be obtained before coming to campus. Students may also obtain most of them at the Student Health Center for a discounted fee.
    • Meningococcal vaccine: Some college students, especially those living in crowded conditions or those who engage in activities that may adversely affect their resistance to infection may be 3 to 4 times more likely than the general population to become ill with a life threatening meningococcal infection. Meningococcal vaccine is 85% effective against certain serotypes of this bacteria and is available from the Student Health Center for those SSU students who wish to reduce their risk of contracting this infection.
      California Assembly Bill Number 1452 requires that first-time freshmen living in University campus housing must receive, sign, and return a college specific information sheet on meningococcal disease and vaccine to the Housing Office.
    • a href="">Tetanus Vaccine:, Students should have completed the primary DPT or DTaP series and a timely Td or Tdap booster. A Td (tetanus/diptheria) booster is recommended every 10 years. Most adolescents and college age adults who completed their primary series are encouraged to get one dose of Tdap (tetanus/diptheria/pertussis) instead of Td for protection against whooping cough, which is appearing with increasing frequency in adults despite primary childhood immunization. Waiting at least 5 years between Td and Tdap is encouraged, but not required. Once Tdap has been given, Td should be used for subsequent booster doses.
    • Chicken Pox Vaccine if you have never had Chicken Pox
    • Polio - primary series

    The following optional vaccines are also available at the SSU Student Health Center:

    • Influenza Vaccine: Annually for those at medical risk of complications of the flu, or for those who simply wish to reduce their chance of becoming ill with influenza. Those who live in Residence Halls or with several roommates or have regular contact with children, the ill or elderly, should strongly consider getting a flu shot.
    • Travel Immunizations: Additional vaccines and immunizations such as Typhoid, Hepatitis A, and others are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control for individuals traveling to certain parts of the world. Those anticipating such travel may make an appointment with the Student Health Center Travel Nurse for evaluation and appropriate immunization. (Call 664-2921) Please make your appointment well in advance of your trip to ensure adequate timing for the administration of all vaccines.

    Other Health Recommendations:

    • Tuberculosis: Individuals at risk of exposure to tuberculosis such as those born, living, or traveling extensively outside of the United States, those working, volunteering, or living in a health care environment, the inner city, homeless shelters, etc. or having exposure to individuals with TB are advised to have an intradermal TB skin test prior to or upon matriculation at SSU.
        • TB testing is available at the Student Health Center.
        • TB screening/testing is REQUIRED of International Students.
      • Those with significant or chronic or ongoing medical conditions are advised to have a medical summary including current medications sent from their physician to the Student Health Center for inclusion in their Health Center medical record.
      • Students should be familiar with information regarding:
        • Any medications they are taking.
        • Personal family physician or medical specialist
        • Private insurance status including company name, phone # and coverage (bring a copy of insurance card to school.)
        • Significant individual past medical history
        • Significant family medical history
        • Emergency contact phone numbers
      • Parents or guardians should send a signed consent for medical treatment to the Student Health Center for students who are not yet 18. Click here to download a pdf of this form.