Lab & X-Ray Diagnostic Services

Student Health Center Clinical Laboratory:

The Student Health Center lab is a California Licensed, CLIA accredited, on-site clinical lab providing diagnostic testing that aids in the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of infections and other medical conditions under treatment by Student Health Center physicians and nurse practitioners. Lab services are provided by a California Licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientist.

On-site blood draws and lab tests such as strep screens, CBCs, urine tests, urine & wound cultures, pregnancy tests, etc. ordered by SHC clinicians are done without additional charge to regularly enrolled SSU students during the regular academic year. Nominal fees are in place for laboratory testing done during the summer and for more complex testing such as pap smears, blood chemistries, hormonal tests, etc. that need to be performed in a more specialized setting off campus. Fees are due at the time of service.

The Student Health Center lab works with an off-campus licensed clinical laboratory when more complex laboratory testing is medically indicated. Specimens for this kind of testing are collected and prepared by SHC staff and transported by courier to specialized testing sites off campus. In so doing, the SHC keeps the cost of off campus complex testing relatively low and is able to pass these savings on to SSU students.

Student Health Center X-ray:

X-ray services at the Student Health Center (SHC) are provided by a California Licensed Radiologic Technologist, using state of the art digital X-ray equipment to perform plain X-ray studies as ordered by SHC physicians and nurse practitioners.

Plain X-ray studies include images of the chest, abdomen, bones, joints, and soft tissues. X-ray images are reviewed by the SHC medical staff member caring for the patient, to facilitate initial diagnosis and treatment. This is followed by a formal interpretation by a contracted group of Board Certified radiologists. The SHC is able to send digital images to the contracted radiology group the same day and even for immediate interpretation in urgent situations.

There is no charge for x-rays ordered for medical indication by SHC clinicians providing basic acute health care for acute illnesses or injuries to regularly enrolled SSU students during the academic year. There is a modest fee for duplicating X-ray images on DVD to take to physicians outside the SHC. Fees are also charged for X-rays that are elective in nature (such as an X-ray required by an athletic or job physical) as well as for X-rays taken to follow-up of pre-existing conditions not related to acute illness or injury that has been under treatment at the SHC and for X-rays taken during the summer.

X-ray services are available on site during the regular academic year and for only a small portion of the summer. Nominal user fees are charged for all summer services at the SHC. Fees are due at the time of service. During the summer periods when the SHC X-ray department is closed, students needing X-rays are referred off campus. Students are also referred off campus when special imaging studies such as ultrasound, CT or MRI studies are indicated. Students are financially responsible for all medical services from off campus providers.