Medical Visits

Scope: The Student Health Center (SHC) is able to meet most of the acute and sub-acute medical needs common to a college student population by offering daytime M-F access to high quality outpatient MD and NP visits for acute & sub-acute illnesses & injuries as well interim stabilization and transitional care for emergent or chronic conditions. SHC services also address basic mental health concerns, contraception and women's health, men's health, sports & travel medicine, immunizations, preventative health & more all supported by in-house pharmacy as well as lab and X-ray services.

Unlike most outpatient clinics and private doctors' offices, the Student Health Center also provides campus-wide health education and outreach, as well as public health and disaster readiness and response efforts. SHC services have some scope limitations because we are not available after hours during nights, weekends, campus holidays and campus closures, and because Health Center physicians do not admit patients to hospitals or perform procedures there. We don't have specialists on staff or the year-round and 24/7 continuity potential necessary to assume full responsibility for the on-going care and strategic management of particularly complex or chronic medical conditions.

Interim and Transitional Care: The SHC does coordinate with off-campus physicians and provide referral and transitional support when specialty care, complex diagnostic testing, surgery, hospitalization, chronic care or other services beyond the SHC scope are indicated. Students with complex chronic medical conditions beyond our scope are encouraged to maintain relationships with their off-campus treating physicians, even if they are not nearby. Student's far from home with chronic conditions likely to require 24/7 access to care should consider establishing contact with an appropriate private physician in Sonoma County. These students can still use the SHC for medical circumstances that are within our scope or when they need transitional medical support during an acute flare up of their chronic condition.

"Basic" Student Health Center services are provided at no charge to regularly enrolled students and include the above core out-patient on-site visits as described above as well as some basic on-site lab and x-ray performed in support of basic services.

"Augmented" services are accompanied by nominal user fees.

  • Augmented services typically provided include the provision of highly discounted pharmacy and basic immunization services, some medical supplies, and non-basic lab and x-ray studies and summer services.
  • Augmented services are those that may be provided as long and the SHC has the staffing, equipment, and expertise to effectively deliver the service without interfering with the provision of defined basic services and the user fees charged are sufficient to cover overall costs. They include elective physical exams for a designated purpose (e.g. pre-employment, teaching credential, nursing, study abroad, DMV, and participation in SSU athletics programs), specialized immunization programs, etc.