Regularly enrolled SSU students are eligible to use all Student Health Center (SHC) services,
including a state licensed Pharmacy located off the Health Center lobby.

The SHC Pharmacy is staffed by a California licensed pharmacist who is available to fill prescriptions for conditions under treatment by SHC physicians and nurse practitioners.

In addition to filling Student Health Center prescriptions, the Pharmacist provides:

  • Information about vaccines, prescription and over-the-counter items (including instructions, indications, potential side effects and interactions).
  • Over-the-Counter sales of OTC medicines, vitamins, thermometers & first aid supplies.
  • Self-care information and answers to health related questions about medications, vaccines, supplements, and other substances.
  • Certain immunizations such as flu shots.

Students interested in additional information about medications and how to use them safely can find good on-line references at:

National Institute of Health (drug information)
Health Finder
Federal Drug Administration
National Institute of Health (prescription drug abuse information)

Pharmacy hours during the regular academic year:

  • Monday- Friday: 8:30AM - 5PM
  • Closed for lunch 12 to 12:30PM daily

Summer pharmacy hours:

  • Call ahead for hours during the summer, as availability is limited in comparison to the regular school year.
  • During summer periods when the pharmacy is not open, some medications can be dispensed by a treating SHC physician or nurse practitioner in conjunction with a medical visit.
  • Prices at the SSU Pharmacy are discounted for SSU students and are typically much lower than prices at retail pharmacies.
  • Savings that facilitate our ability to discount medications are achieved as follows:
  • Payment can be made only by cash or check and is due at the time of service.
  • Credit card or debit card payments are not accepted because the SHC credit card set up and transaction fees would add several dollars to the cost of each purchase. ATM machines are located nearby; outside of the Zinfandel Marketplace in the Residence Halls, at Charlie Brown's cafĂ© in the Schultz Library building, and at the SSU Bookstore.
  • The Pharmacy maintains a formulary designed to meet the medication needs of most students cared for at the SHC. To keep prices low, the Pharmacy stocks a more limited array of medications than would be available at a community pharmacy. This allows cost savings from buying in bulk and minimizing wastage from the outdating of little used medications. We then pass these savings on to the student. If the SHC Pharmacy does not stock the medication prescribed, a SHC prescription can be filled by any off campus pharmacy, at the student's expense.

The SHC is unable to bill third party insurance carriers, but SHC prices are often lower than health insurance prescription co-payments. The Pharmacist provides a receipt with each purchase, so insured students can contact their insurance company to see if it will reimburse for the cost of medications or vaccines purchased at the SHC.