Travel Medicine

Get the Health Facts & Immunizations You Need Before Traveling Internationally

    A) SSU students who are planning to travel internationally should have a medical consultation regarding travel health issues such as health risks and precautions, travel immunizations, malaria prophylaxis, etc.

    B) Those wishing to do this at the Student Health Center (SHC) must complete the following steps before making a Student Health Center appointment for travel assessment visit.

    1. Plan at least 6 to 8 weeks ahead. It may take several weeks to properly properly sequence medically indicated travel immunizations and/or anti-malarial medications.
    2. Go to the Centers for Disease Control travel website - and download and carefully read general travel health information as well as information for your planned destinations.
    3. Gather copies of records for your past immunizations.
    4. Go to Student Health Center Forms & Instructions
    5. Read Student Health Center travel visit instructions
    6. Download the Student Health Center travel form & fill it out completely.
    7. Bring the completed SHC travel form and copies of immunization records to the SHC Reception Desk with you in order to schedule a travel visit with the Nurse Practitioner.
    8. You will not be able to schedule a visit until you have completed the above steps.

    C) When you come for your scheduled visit.

    1. Bring your completed travel form, immunization records & completed travel form to your visit!
    2. Bring your check book or cash, as nominal fees are due at the time of service to cover the Student Health Center's acquisition costs for any vaccines and medications you will be getting.

    D) Important information that you should read about international travel is available at the following websites:

  1. The World Health Organization Travel
  2. The US State Department
  3. International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers
  4. CDC Travelers Health Page including: