2. Launch

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Your plan is complete and you're ready to launch.


Use campus announcements and student announcements, as well as email lists, notices and icons on your website to let potential audiences know of your social media sites. Also, use your other social media platforms to promote new additions. Inviting other Sonoma State programs to be your "fan" or "follower" can help connect you with the University's broad online community.

Add your page to the SSU social media list to let University Affair know when your department is getting started. University Affairs will follow and can provide any advice or direction as it is able.


There are several advantages to having a social media site, but if
activity is minimal or inconsistent, the site will be ineffective.
Therefore, it's helpful to have a designated individual or team
responsible for keeping content fresh and relevant.

Many departments have student assistants who work with a supervisor
to maintain their channels. It is a good practice to assign at least two
people administrative access to the site. Keep and have a written
record of the username and passwords in a safe location.

Depending on the platform, the time requirements will differ. The
initial set-up of the social media sites will take a couple of hours
(depending on the enhancements), but once launched, you can expect a
maintenance schedule close to the one listed below.

facebook logo


Between posting new content, interacting with users, and updating photos
and other media, expect to spend at least 20-45 minutes a day
maintaining communication via your department's Facebook page. It's a
good habit to check the page a few times a day to reply to users and
keep the conversation consistently frequent.

twitter logo


Twitter is a micro-blogging site where a single post contains a maximum
of 140 characters. The timeline feed on Twitter has a very rapid pace, and it's
easy for posts to be skimmed or missed entirely. Depending on
how many tweets you want to create, you could spend 15 to 45 minutes a
day on Twitter.

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Writing blog posts takes 1 to 2 hours a week. Recruiting guest bloggers
to write interesting pieces requires communication with authors, editing,
and publicizing. This approach to blogging takes 2 to 3 hours a week.
Once the blog post is written, budget time to share it with others.

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