Sociology Major & Minor Advising FAQs

I am a Sociology Major. Who is my academic major advisor?

The Sociology Department does not assign major advisors. Students can make an appointment to see any advisor in the Sociology Department during their posted office hours.

How do I make an appointment with an academic advisor in Sociology?

Advising is done by appointment during posted office hours. Sign up for an appointment in the Sociology Department office (2084 Stevenson).  Appointments are 10 minutes long, but you may sign up for more than one during non-peak times of the semester. Drop-ins are also welcome on a space available basis. Office staff do not make appointments for faculty. Advising office hours start on the first day of class and end on the last day of class each semester. Faculty are not available for advising during the summer or intersession.

Where do I go to meet with an academic advisor in Sociology?

All of the Sociology advisor’s offices are located in or near the Sociology Department office, 2084 Stevenson Hall.

How do I declare Sociology as my major or minor?

Students must (1) have an overall GPA of 2.5 and (2) have completed a Sociology course with at least a C- in order to declare the major. To apply, bring a completed “Sociology Major Application” and a completed “Change of Major” form to a Sociology advisor. The “Change of Major” form is available in hardcopy only and can be found in either the Admissions and Records office or the Department office, Stevenson 2084.

Sociology Major/Minor Application

I want to see an advisor to plan out my schedule, what should I bring?

It is recommended that students bring a completed copy of the Sociology Requirements and Advising Worksheet, as well as a printout of the Academic Requirements Report (ARR) and the Transfer Credit Report (if any).

I need to apply to graduate with a BA or a Minor in Sociology, what do I do?

Students need to bring a completed “Graduation Application” to a Sociology advisor for their signature. The advisor submits the application for the Sociology Department chair’s signature. The chair submits it to Records and Registration.

Sociology majors are required to apply for graduation in the semester before they wish to take SOCI 498 (Senior Seminar). Contact the department for the specific deadline. See the SSU Graduation website for instructions and university deadlines.

There are no advisors are available, but my instructor is in their office, can they advise me about the major or sign my paperwork?

Not every instructor can advise or sign paperwork. The major advisors for Sociology are the tenured and tenure track faculty in the department.

No advisors are available and I need to turn in my paperwork today, can the department staff sign my form?

No, staff cannot sign in place of an academic advisor.