Major Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Declaring the Sociology Major

In order to declare the major, a student must (1) have an overall GPA of 2.5 of higher and (2) have completed a course in Sociology with a minimum grade of C- posted to the transcript.

Sociology Major/Minor Application

The Sociology Major Requirements and Advising Worksheet

The Sociology Major Requirements and Advising Worksheet provides detailed information about the Sociology Major as well as a worksheet to plan out coursework. Check your Academic Requirements Report (ARR) if you are unsure which requirements to follow. In consultation with one of the Department's faculty advisors, you should review the requirements to complete the major. Please bring a copy of your Academic Requirements Report (ARR), your Transfer Evaluation (if you are a transfer student), and a completed copy of the Advising/Requirements Worksheet when you go to see a sociology faculty advisor.

Sociology Major Requirements and Advising Worksheet

Current Sonoma State University Catalog

The Sonoma State University General Catalog is available Online in PDF format. To view the PDF files, please make sure your computer has Adobe Reader. The Sociology Department SSU Catalog Course Department Information includes the current faculty, staff, and major requirements. The SSU Catalog Course Descriptions includes the current information on courses that may be offered by the Sociology Department.

University Wide General Education (GE) Program

Obtaining a baccalaureate degree from Sonoma State University requires the student to complete both a general education program and a major course of study focused on a particular discipline. The University Wide General Education Program at SSU investigates the complexity of human experience in a diverse natural and social world, and promotes informed and ethical participation as citizens of the world.

Graduation Writing Assesment Requirement (GWAR)

All graduates of CSU campuses are required to certify their writing competency before being awarded degrees. At SSU, this certification is achieved either by successfully completing a Writing Intensive Course (WIC) or via a passing score on the Written English Proficiency Test (WEPT). All sections of SOCI 498 (Senior Seminar) are WIC certified.