Dr. James J. Preston

James J. Preston
  • Lecturer
  • Ph.D., The Hartford Seminary Foundation
    (Anthropology and Religion)

Contact Information:

Email: prestonj@sonoma.edu
Voicemail: 707.664.2461
Fax: 707.664.3920
Office: Stevenson 2084

Areas of Expertise:

Sociology of Religion, Symbolic Systems, Religious Movements, Comparative Religion, Globalism and Social Change, Sociology of Death, Future Studies

Academic Interests:

Dr. Preston is interested in the role of religion in the process of social change. Over the years he has conducted research on religious change in India and Europe. At present he continues research on Catholic devotions among Native American populations. Particularly central to his research is the intersection between globalization and a variety of religious movements, some of which are attempting to redefine the role of religion in society. Important issues of interest to Dr. Preston include the role religion plays in the formation of identity, the definition of ethic boundaries and the integration of life among different social groups. At present Dr. Preston is conducting research on the emergence of “sacred ecology” as a new religious movement.

Courses Offered:

  • SOCI 431: Sociology of Religion

Selected Publications:

Books & Monographs:

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