Part-Time Faculty

Part-time faculty teach courses on an as-needed basis and do not necessarily teach every semester. Click on an individual lecture’s name to see more about their research and teaching. Lecturers cannot advise students or sign paperwork in place of an advisor.

Part-Time Faculty Office Hours, Fall 2019

Professor Email Phone* Office Location Office Hours
Michael Courville
Roxanne Ezzet 664-2689 Stevenson 2089


Heather Flynn 664-2126 Stevenson 2084-J  
Elaine Leeder 664-2120 Stevenson 2087
Susanne Maggio-Hucek prefers email Stevenson 3057


Michael Menefee
James Preston 664-3955 Stevenson 2084-G  
Susan Rahman 664-2583 Stevenson 2084-K  
Anthony Vigorito 664-3955 Stevenson 2084-G  
Elaine Wellin 664-2120 Stevenson 2087  
Talmadge Wright 664-3928 Stevenson 2084-K


* All phone numbers are in the (707) area code.