Frequently Asked Questions

Stevenson EastAre there any special informational meetings or workshops I can attend to learn more about Sociology?

There are no regularly scheduled meetings or workshops. Students interested in declaring Sociology as a major should go the Department Office, Stevenson Hall 2084.

Who can I speak with in your department to learn more about this major?

The department staff can provide basic information about the major, but students interested in the major should bring specific questions to an advisor.

Who can I speak with in your department about my interest in declaring this major?

Contact the Sociology Department at 707-664-2561 or a faculty advisor.

Is there a GPA requirement for declaring this major?

Yes, there is an overall minimum 2.5 GPA requirement.

Is there any special application process to declare this major?

Yes, a prospective major needs to see a faculty advisor, fill out the declaration of major form, and they will also need to sign the department major agreement. Students hoping to declare a Sociology major should bring a copy of their Academic Advising Report (ARR) and any other documentation they think will be useful when meeting with a faculty advisor.

Is there a deadline every semester to declare this major?

No; however, with the exception of General Education courses, all Sociology Courses are restricted to majors and minors only, so students wishing to take Sociology courses should declare well in advance of registration so that the change of major form can be processed at Admissions and Records.

Are there other required criteria?

You must also have completed a Sociology course with a C- or above.

What prerequisites, if any, do I need to have completed before I can declare this major?

You must have an overall GPA of a 2.5 or higher as well as previously completed a Sociology course with a C- or above.

Do I need to be eligible for GE English and Math before I take your major pre-requisites?


Once I am declared, what classes will I need to take?

Students can refer to the Major Advising Worksheet. They should also consult with a faculty advisor every semester.

What career paths are available to people who major in this subject?

Take a look at our Jobs and Careers page

If I am currently declared and interested in changing my major, is there any course work from my current major that would count toward the new major I am interested in?

Only courses crosslisted with the Sociology Department. See an advisor for more information.

Once I decide this major will I have an advisor?

No advisor will be assigned. Students can consult with any faculty advisor.

Are there any highly recommended GE courses for this major?

Yes. Sociology 375: Classical Sociological Theory is a required course for the major.

What courses are restricted to majors/minors?

Soci 300: Sociological Research Methods; Methods Seminars and Soci 498: Senior Seminar. In addition, all non-GE courses are restricted to majors and minors, but may be available depending on enrollments.

Are there specific concentrations in this major?


What is required for a minor?

Sociology 201 (3 units) and an additional 17 elective Sociology units for a total of 20 units.

Can I work with a faculty advisor if I declare a minor?


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