Graduation with Distinction

Students graduating with the baccalaureate who are judged by their departments to have made outstanding contributions to their disciplines graduate “with distinction.” The Department of Sociology awards distinction for academic excellence within the discipline or extraordinary contributions to the department, university, or community.

Students who graduate "with distinction" will have it noted on their official SSU transcript and diploma, as well as in the commencement program. They are eligible to wear a special Distinction cord when they participate in the commencement ceremony in May.

2018-2019 Graduates with Distinction

The Department of Sociology is pleased to announce that the following sociology majors have been awarded Graduation with Distinction for Fall, Spring, and Summer 2018-2019:

  • Scott Berger
  • Andrea Blado
  • Talia Brainard
  • Audrey Campbell
  • Roberto Carrillo
  • Jonathan Coil
  • Sarah Coker Everett
  • Tasha Cornejo
  • Victor Cruz Loyola
  • Kelly Cruz Mendez
  • Oscar Figueredo
  • Dae’Jah Foster
  • Devin Georgia
  • Sara Gong
  • Mirella Hernandez
  • Martin Herrera-Pazmino
  • Jordan Hickman
  • Jared Kerins
  • Samantha Kester
  • Amelya Kollenborn
  • Daisy Lara Castaneda
  • Kathleen McKeon
  • Pedro Mendoza
  • Caroline Mlynar
  • Brenda Monreal
  • Elizabeth Munoz-Martin
  • Christina Oliver
  • Priscila Pinedo
  • Jamie Ortega Gonzales
  • Jennifer Quick
  • Nyia Roberts
  • Alexandra Rodriguez
  • Victor Rodriguez Molina
  • Erin Erline Smith
  • Keanu Thompson
  • Jillian Van Riper
    • Sara Ward
    2017 AKD