internship compInternships are an excellent supplement to classroom learning and are often helpful in exploring career paths. As part of the sociology major’s requirements, students are to engage in service learning through experiences outside of the classroom and internships are an excellent way to do this. Sociology students intern at a variety of sites, from on-campus organizations to community groups, to a myriad of business, non-profit, and local, county, and state organizations.

Sociology students interested in receiving credit for an internship through the Sociology Department are required to take a 1-unit Internship Practicum course, Soci 496, during the same semester in which they receive Soci 499 credit. Sociology students are only required to take the Internship Practicum when signing up for a Sociology Internship for the first time. Soci 496 may not be repeated for credit.. Students may take up to eight units of Soci 499 (Internship), but only four units will count toward the major. Only four combined units of Soci 490 (Teaching Assistant), 493 (Research Assistant), and 495 (Special Studies) maybe counted toward the major.