Internship Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enroll in a Sociology Internship?

All sociology majors and minors are eligible to register in a sociology internship; however, sociology students receiving SOCI 499 Internship credit for the first time are required to take a 1 unit internship practicum course (SOCI 496) during the same semester in which they receive SOCI 499 credit.

I want to sign up for SOCI 499/496, but it won’t let me register online. How do I get into the class?

You can only register for SOCI 496 with permission from the internship coordinator. Enrollment in SOCI 499 will be done through the Internship Agreement Form which must be submitted before the end of the first two weeks of the semester.

Who should I contact if I am interested in signing up for a Sociology Internship?

The internship coordinator changes every semester. The instructor listed as teaching the SOCI 496 Internship Practicum is the person to contact if you are interested in registering for an internship. If that information in unavailable, contact one of the sociology major advisors to find out who the instructor will be.

How many internship hours are required per internship unit?

SOCI 499, 1 Unit = 45 hours*
SOCI 499, 2 Units = 90 hours*
SOCI 499, 3 Units = 135 hours*
SOCI 499, 4 Units = 180 hours*

* Please note: The hours and unit value of your internship excludes the time spent in the internship practicum, SOCI 496.

I am going to go over/under the SOCI 499 units I signed up for, can I add/subtract units?

An internship is just like a normal class, you cannot change the unit value of your internship once the add/drop period is over.

How many internship units can I take?

Students may take up to 8 units of SOCI 499 (Internship), but only 4 units will count toward the major. Only 4 combined units of SOCI 490 (Teaching Assistant), 493 (Research Assistant), and 495 (Special Studies) will count toward the major.

I need one unit to be a full time student and/or to graduate; can I register for just the SOCI 496 Internship Practicum?

No, SOCI 496 is not a stand-alone class. In order to take the SOCI 496 internship practicum you must also register for an internship. SOCI 496 may not be repeated for credit.