Fall 2019 Internships

Please contact Professor James Dean, james.dean@sonoma.edu, with Fall 2019 internship questions.

Students doing a sociology internship for the first time are required to take a 1-unit Internship Practicum course (SOCI 496) during the same semester in which they receive Sociology credit (SOCI 499) for their internship.  Internships must be approved by the course instructor.

SOCI 496: Internship Practicum (1 unit, Graded)

Fall 2019 Sections (Instructor: Professor James Dean)

  • SOCI 496.1: Internship Practicum, Mondays 9:00-9:50am
  • SOCI 496.2: Internship Practicum, Tuesdays- 5:00-5:50pm

SOCI 496 may not be repeated for credit.

Enrollment in SOCI 496 (Internship Practicum) is by instructor consent. The instructor will provide an add code after a student’s internship has been approved.

SOCI 499: Internship (1-4 unit, C/NC)

Students receive credit for their internship hours through SOCI 499. Students are eligible to receive 1 unit for every 45 hours completed at their approved internship field site, with a maximum of 4 units (180 hours) per semester. Students must enroll in a fixed number of SOCI 499 units (1-4) at the start of the term.

SOCI 499 may be repeated for credit for up to 8 units, but only 4 units may be used toward the major.

Enrollment in SOCI 499 will be done at the start of the semester through the Internship Form Fillable¬†Internship Form Printed, which must be fully completed (including all signatures) no later than two weeks into the semester.

Sociology Internship Time Log

Spring 2019 Internship Instructions