Social Sciences Faculty Summer Research Grants


GROUP A: $3000

Eric J. WilliamsCritical and Ethical Thinking for Criminal Justice Professionals

Samuel Cohen - Living with the Dead in Late Antiquity: Occupation and Contestation in Rome’s Extra-Mural Cemeteries

Margaret Purser – Creating Memories across Fractured Landscapes: Highway 101 in the Neighborhood

Laura A. WattHistorical Research at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory (RMBL)

Peter PhillipsGiants: The Global Power Elite

Emily RayMars Colonization and Politicization in the Age of Climate Change

Melinda MilliganEvery Minute Spent: Exploring the World of Professional Productivity and Organizing Experts

Napoleon C. ReyesConfessions of Death Squad Hitmen: Corruption and Political Violence in the Philippines

Benjamin SmithMasculine Solidarity and Race in the Digital Gaming of Peruvian Teens

Kathleen M. NoonanThe Wikipedia Gorgon: Challenges of Teaching in the Digital Age

Lena McQuadeBest Practices for Designing & Teaching Feminist Intersectional GE Courses: Case Study of “Intro to WGS”

Elisa VelasquezUnderstanding Racial/Ethnic Micro-aggressions in Higher Education: Impact, Prevention & Interventions

GROUP B: $2000

Emily K. AsencioSocial Media Use; Examining the Effects of Social Media Use on Well-Being

James Joseph DeanThe Routledge Heterosexualities Studies Reader

Mary E. GomesDepth Dreamwork for the Skeptical: Bridging Science and Introspection

Alexis BoutinExploring the Potential of Facial Reconstructions to Increase Empathy and Reduce Prejudice

Cynthia Boaz Political Communication and Media: Pushing Back on Propaganda

Andy Martinez
Investigating the Causes and Consequences of Dehumanization

Juan Salinas
Employers of Latino Immigrant Laborers in Wine Country

Daniel Soto – Electrifying the Remaining Billion beyond the Grid