Public Lectures Hosted by Social Sciences

Brown Bag Lecture Series, Fall 2018

The Brown Bag Lecture Series is free and open to faculty, staff, students, and interested others. Bring your brown bag lunch, a drink, relax, and enjoy hearing and discussing current research by faculty in the School of Social Sciences at 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. in Stevenson 2011.

September 11      Emily K. Asencio, Criminology and Criminal Justice. Title: “Social Media Use: Examining the Effects of Social                              Media Use on Well-Being”

September 25      Eric J. Williams, Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies. Title: “Critical and Ethical Thinking for Criminal                              Justice Professionals”

October 2            Heather Smith, Psychology. Title: “Personal Relative Deprivation and Mental Health Among University                              Students: Cross-sectional and Longitudinal evidence” 

October 9            Emily Ray, Political Science. Title: “Stranger than Fiction: Silicon Valley and the politics of space exploration” 

October 16          Margaret Purser, Anthropology. Title: “Creating Memories across Fractured Landscapes: Highway 101 in the                              Neighborhood”
October 23          Daniel Soto, Geography, Environment, and Planning. Title: “Electrifying the Remaining Billion Beyond the Grid”

November 6         Alexis Boutin, Anthropology. Title: “Can Affective Interpretations of Bioarchaeological Data Increase Empathy and                              Reduce Prejudice?”

November 13       Laura A. Watt, Geography, Environment, and Planning. Title: “Historical Research at the Rocky Mountain                              Biological Laboratory (RMBL)"

November 27       Peter Phillips, Sociology. Title: “Global Power Elite”

December 4         Benjamin Smith, Human Development. Title: “Analogue Skin, Digital Masks: digital gaming and “Indian”-ness                              among Southern Peruvian boys”