English Placement Test (EPT)

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*** International and Out of State Students***
Students can request testing accommodation in their state or country. Students use the same registration procedures. There will be an 'Out of State' option available to select. Once you finish the registration process, ETS will contact students to set up a testing venue to take the exams in the local area, if at all possible for an additional fee.

All new undergraduate students entering the California State University are required to take the English Placement Test (EPT) except those who qualify for an exemption. If you are not exempt, you must take the EPT and provide scores to the university prior to beginning your first semester of enrollment. Failure to take the EPT prior to registering for your first semester will result in your not being allowed to enroll at the CSU.

The EPT is designed to assess the level of reading and writing skills of entering undergraduate students so that they can be placed in appropriate courses. Those undergraduates who do not demonstrate college-level skills will be directed to courses or programs designed to help them attain these skills. The EPT contains the following three sections

Essay: 45 minutes on an assigned topic
Reading Skills: 30 minutes to answer 45 multiple-choice questions
Composing Skills: 30 minutes to answer 45 multiple-choice questions

Students may take the test at the most convenient CSU campus. Most campuses have online registration available. THE EPT CAN ONLY BE TAKEN ONCE!

Exemptions from the EPT:

The CSU English Placement Test must be completed by all entering undergraduates, with the exception of those who present proof of one of the following:

  1. placement in the "Ready for CSU college-level English courses" category on the Early Assessment Program (EAP) English taken in conjunction with the 11th grade California Standards Test in English Language Arts
  2. New SAT: A score of 550 or above on the Evidenced Based Reading and Writing section
    Old SAT: A score of 500 or above on the Critical Reading section of the SAT Reasoning Test


  3. a score of 680 or above on the writing section of the College Board SAT Reasoning Test
  4. a score of 550 or above on the verbal section of the College Board SAT I: Reasoning Test
  5. a score of 680 or above on the College Board SAT II: Writing Test
  6. a score of 22 or above on the ACT English Test
  7. a score of 3, 4, or 5 on either the Language and Comp or Literature and Composition examination of the Advanced Placement Program
  8. completion and transfer to the CSU of a community college course that satisfies English composition, with a grade of C or better

NOTE: You can also take the CLEP or DSST Exams to 'test' out. Both exams are College Level for credit. See CLEP & DSST Links for details.
EPT Test Registration Information:
There is an $20 charge for the EPT, payable online through the registration with ETS https://ept-elm.ets.org/CSU/. For possible Stand-Bys the day of the test, we accept only personal checks or money-orders payable to ETS. Cash will not be accepted. No student will be admitted without proper payment and picture identification with a signature. Students may take the ELM at the most convenient CSU campus.

Use the link provided to fill out the Reg Form and submit online for the Date listed. Note that you can take the exams at any CSU campus. See EPT-ELM Bulletin for dates.

A Confirmation Email will automatically be sent to you with details. PLEASE read it carefully and bring it to the test date/session as that will be your Admissions Ticket as well for times, location information and directions to campus.

*Students must have a hard-copy/printout of their Admissions Ticket. Students will not be admitted without it.

Please make sure you put the right mailing and correct email addresses as we use them to contact you. Check your SPAM folder if you do not receive a reply within the day of registration -as some email providers filter university email addresses.

If you need to change, cancel a testing date/session or request a refund, please contact ETS.org directly regarding this.

Registration will close at 12:00 midnight of the noted deadline date. Any registrations beyond the closing date/time are invalid.
EPT Test Scores for Sonoma State:

EPT < 141
-English 100A (3) First Year Composition (Fall) and English 99T* (1) Composition Tutoring (Fall)
-English 100B (3) First Year Composition (Spring)

*Note: In some cases that English 100A is assigned with a English 99T unit must be completed successfully (Fall) in order to advance to English 100B (3)(Spring).
*English 99T may be a requirement based on EPT score and must be completed successfully. However, courses numbered less than 100 will not count towards graduation.

EPT = 142-146
-English 100A (3) First Year Composition (Fall)
-English 100B (3) First Year Composition (Spring)

EPT = 147-155
-English 101 (3) Writing and Reading (a UNIV 102 1 unit component may be assigned to this range)

EPT = 155 and above
Philosophy 101 option to take first (ENGL 101 or 100A/B is still required)

Exemptions for ENGLISH 101 Placement:
SAT 1 = 500 (Verbal)
-English 101 (3) Writing and Reading

-English 101 (3) Writing and Reading

EAP** English = Exempt
-English 101 (3) Writing and Reading
**Passing E.A.P. English (part of 11th grade testing) = Exempt from EPT.


Exemptions for PHILOSOPHY 101 Placement:

SAT I = 560 (Verbal) or higher
-Philosophy 101

ACT - greater than 2
-Philosophy 101

Advanced Placement Exam (AP) greater than 3
-Units of credit for English 101 (3)
-Philosophy 101 (3) Critical Thinking (Fall)

NOTE: You can also take the CLEP or DSST Exams to 'test' out. Both exams are College Level for credit. See CLEP & DSST Links for details.

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There are on-line sites that offer test review opportunities; some are free and some charge fees. Consider
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for fee based workshops or courses. Use a search engine to find more test preparation opportunities on the web.

EPT Online Registration with ETS at: https://ept-elm.ets.org/CSU/.