About Upward Bound Sonoma County

Upward Bound Sonoma County (UBSC) is a federally funded TRIO program. The goal of the Upward Bound Program is to academically prepare low-income, first-generation college students to enroll and graduate from the four-year college/university of their choice. UBSC is for students interested in humanities majors such as history, English, sociology, psychology, philosophy, art, liberal studies, teaching, etc. 

UBSC serves students attending these ten partnership schools: Elsie Allen High School, Healdsburg High School, Rancho Cotate High School and Santa Rosa High School.

Student Requirements

  • Participate in the program throughout four years of high school.
  • Attend a six-week Summer Academy at SSU.
  • Enroll in the following A-G college preparatory high school classes: English, 4 years; Mathematics, 3+ years; Science with Lab, 2+ years; Foreign Language, 2+ years; Social Science, 2 years; Visual and Performing Arts, 1 year; College Prep elective, 1 year.
  • Maintain good academic standing in all classes.

Parent/Guardian Requirements

  • Attend parent workshops designed to provide support and understanding of the educational process.
  • Attend program orientations and awards ceremonies.

Academic Year Services

  • Academic advising and guidance.
  • Assistance for juniors and seniors regarding college applications, financial aid, and preparation for the EPT/ELM and SAT/ACT college entrance examinations
  • Social, cultural, and educational field trips to northern/southern California and other exciting places.
  • Awards Ceremony where students' achievements are recognized.
  • College tours to four-year colleges and universities in California such as University of California-Los Angeles, Stanford University, University of California-Davis, California Polytechnic Institute, and St. Mary's College.

Summer Session Services

  • A six-week Summer Academy at SSU. Classes are designed to give students a head-start for the upcoming year, thus providing an academic advantage. Classes meet Monday-Thursday; field trips or community service activities are conducted on Fridays.
  • Academic needs assessment.
  • Access to SSU's library, computer center, and recreation facilities.
  • Field trips and social/cultural/educational activities.
  • ACT, SAT and ELM/EPT Workshops.
  • College tours

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