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Recommended By: Administration & Finance
Ruben Armiñana, President
Date of Issue: August 15, 2000
Effective Date: August 15, 2000
Contact Office: Human Services

Policy #2000-5

  1. Scope
    This policy shall be followed for all University and auxiliary non-faculty position openings, except temporary short-term appointments (90 calendar days or less). 
  2. Purpose
    The purpose of this policy is to:
    • Ensure that the University attracts, identifies, and hires the most qualified applicant for the job.
    • Ensure that the University complies with all federal and state laws regarding hiring practices and applicable collective bargaining agreements.
    • Ensure that appropriate funding levels are identified and approved for each position.
    • Ensure that confidentiality is maintained in the recruitment process.
  3. Policy
    1. Equal Employment Opportunity: It is the policy of the University and its auxiliary organizations to provide an environment free from discrimination, including sexual harassment and sexual assault. The University and its auxiliary organizations do not discriminate against eligible persons on the basis of age, race, sex, creed, color, religion, sexual orientation, Vietnam-era veteran's status, or ADA-protected disabilities in admissions, access, and/or employment in its programs and activities. No qualified person shall, on the basis of age, race, sex, creed, color, religion, sexual orientation, Vietnam-era veteran's status, or ADA-protected disability, be excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination in University programs or activities.
    2. Confidentiality: To protect the privacy of candidates and to preserve the integrity of the recruiting process, all search committee members are required to maintain confidentiality throughout and after the conclusion of the recruitment process. Confidential information includes matters discovered or discussed during the recruiting process. All information relating to the search may only be discussed with other search committee members, Human Services or administrators in the chain of command of the hiring department. Employees who violate this requirement for confidentiality will be subject to corrective or disciplinary action. False information from persons appointed shall be reported to Human Resources. The qualifications and experience of successful candidates that they represented during the hiring process may be publicly shared following the search. Reference checks of applicants shall be made, and the search committee is not limited to those persons listed as references by the applicant. Refer to G.11. and 12. below for further information on reference checks.
    3. Compliance with Collective Bargaining Agreements: It is the University's policy to adhere to all provisions specified in the collective bargaining agreements.
    4. Employment of Relatives: The University permits the employment of one or more relatives. However, staff and administrators shall not initiate or participate in decisions involving a direct benefit to members of their immediate families or persons with whom they cohabit or have had intimate relations. Immediate family for purposes of this policy shall mean spouse, domestic partner, children, siblings, parents, current sexual partners, in-laws, cohabitants or grandparents.
    5. Recruiting
      1. The University shall require a recruitment under the following circumstances:
        1. When filling a vacancy for a probationary position;
        2. When filling a vacancy for a temporary position with a duration period greater than 90 days;
        3. Whenever a significant change has occurred in the nature of a position for which a recruitment was already conducted such as:
          1. A temporary position is re-identified as a probationary position;
          2. A non-benefits eligible position is re-identified as benefits eligible.
      2. Recruitment is not required under the following circumstances:
        1. Appointments funded by a grant or contract where the individual is specifically named in the grant or contract;
        2. Special or emergency appointments as deemed necessary by the President;
        3. Transition of an employee from an auxiliary to state employment within the same position where a recruitment was previously conducted by the auxiliary.
      3. The University shall only conduct recruitment upon approval of the appropriate administrator and the University Budget Office. It shall be the responsibility of the appropriate administrator to obtain all the necessary division approvals before submitting the requisition to Human Services. The University Budget Office shall indicate on the recruitment request the maximum salary level budgeted for the position.
      4. The University will require that all position openings be posted to on-campus and off-campus applicants. In outstanding and unusual circumstances, Human Services may determine that this posting requirement may be waived.
    6. Classification Process
      1. The University will require that a current position description be submitted to Human Services before recruiting. It shall be the responsibility of the appropriate administrator to identify the minimum qualifications and essential functions of the job (consistent with established classification standards); define and describe fully the duties and responsibilities of the position; specify all physical, environmental and mental demands of the position; and obtain confirmation from Human Services on classification level and salary ranges. Position descriptions must reflect the actual qualifications and experience required for the position.
      2. It shall be the responsibility of Human Services in conjunction with the appropriate administrator to identify the appropriate job classification for each position before recruiting and to approve position announcements.
    7. Search and Selection Process
      1. Job announcements shall contain the job classification, a brief description of the position, and may include benefit information relating to the position. Announcements must alert applicants of minimum qualifications and any required pre-placement physicals, drug screening, background checks, required licenses and/or certifications.
      2. The duration and scope of advertising shall follow University policies. Human Services shall be responsible for determining the scope and duration in concert with the recruiting department's hiring needs. Human Services shall be responsible for placing advertisements for open positions and shall inform departments of the costs. The departments shall provide Human Services with the account number against which to charge advertising. Advertising of open positions typically includes posting, various print media advertising and electronic media advertising. All positions shall be posted on the campus web site.
      3. Certain positions of university-wide import, or administrative appointments requiring faculty representation, require a search committee to be formed to interview candidates and conduct the recruitment. However, some positions other than those noted above may be of a nature where individual interview(s) are sufficient to conduct an effective recruitment. For the latter positions, the decision to form a search committee to recruit to fill an opening will be at the discretion of the appropriate administrator.
      4. In the formation of a search committee, the type of appointment determines committee membership.
        1. Administrative appointment search committees shall be formed in the manner specified in Section 4 of the University's Policy on Faculty Representation on Administrative Appointment Committees.
        2. Non-administrative appointments require at least three members, one of whom must be in the Management Personnel Plan (MPP). At least one member shall be familiar with the position being recruited.
        3. The chair of the search committee shall be selected by the appropriate administrator and must be a member of the MPP. This requirement need not apply to administrative appointments and appointments to the Associated Students and Student Union auxiliary organizations where the individual appointed will not become an employee of Sonoma State University.
      5. A member of the Human Services staff will be available to meet with each appropriate administrator or search committee to ensure that those individuals involved in hiring decisions are fully knowledgeable of the University's recruitment policy and to offer assistance throughout the recruitment process.
      6. In the event a search committee is to be formed, it shall be the responsibility of the designated chair of the search committee to recommend to the appropriate administrator the names of suggested members of the search committee.
      7. The appropriate administrator or chair of the search committee will formulate and submit hiring criteria, questions, and applicant skills tests to Human Services prior to reviewing resumes. Human Resources shall be available to provide assistance in the development of interview questions. Human Services must approve all criteria and applicant skills tests before applications will be released to the appropriate administrator or search committee.
      8. It shall be the responsibility of Human Services to receive, log, track, acknowledge, and store all applications. Only applications that have been received by and logged in Human Services may be considered for interview.
      9. Human Services will be responsible for ensuring that appropriate applicant information is captured for federal reporting purposes. All applications from qualified candidates for a position opening received by the first consideration date will be reviewed for consideration. Human Resources may eliminate former employees and applicants previously reviewed, based on management determination of suitability. Any additional applications received following the first consideration date may be reviewed at the discretion of the appropriate administrator or chair of the search committee.
      10. Human Services shall provide support to the Appropriate administrator or search committee in screening applications for minimum qualifications.
      11. The selection process shall normally consist of review of formal applications for employment and an on-campus interview of the most qualified applicants by the appropriate administrator or search committee. This process may also include initial telephone screenings/interviews, appropriate skills testing, and presentations. Positions designated as MPP shall require a final interview by Vice President, Associate Vice President, Assistant Vice President, Senior Director, or Dean, with the exception of MPP positions hired in the Associated Students or Student Union auxiliary organizations, where the selection process will be conducted in accordance with the respective organization's bylaws.
      12. The appropriate administrator or chair of the search committee shall be responsible for completing a minimum of two reference checks from previous employers before making a recommendation for hire, and attempt to verify such information as current salary, degrees, employment dates and titles. Informal checks by members of the search committee and checks by persons in the field coordinated by the search committee are allowed (e.g., an employee or manager who has worked for the same company that an applicant has worked for may be used to check on the applicant's sources at the prior employer). All previous employment at a CSU campus and other employment by California state agencies is required to be checked. Reference checks are not limited to persons applicants provide as references. Human Services is available to provide support and information regarding reference checking. Where an applicant has requested that a current employer not be checked, the applicant will be advised that references from a current employer will only be checked in the event the applicant is a finalist for the position.
    8. Hiring Process
      1. Human Services shall review the selection process and recommendation for hire to ensure that the search was conducted in accordance with this policy. It is the responsibility of the appropriate administrator or chair of the search committee to submit a recruitment report to Human Services on the recruitment process. An offer of employment shall not be extended to any candidate before Human Services review and approval of the process.
      2. The president or Human Services shall extend all offers of employment, except for offers of employment with auxiliaries, which shall be extended by an officer of the auxiliary organization on auxiliary letterhead.
      3. Any offer of employment to a candidate above the pre-approved salary amount requires prior written justification, including appropriate administrative, fiscal and Human Services approval.
      4. Human Services shall be responsible for scheduling required pre-placement physicals, drug screens and background investigations. All offers of employment for such positions will be made expressly (in writing) contingent upon satisfactory completion of the necessary requirement and no candidate may begin work before the results have been obtained.
      5. All new employees must report to the Human Services Department on their first day of employment, with the exception of new auxiliary employees (who are not employees of Sonoma State University and would report to the office designated by the auxiliary organization). Human Services shall be responsible for new employee sign-up and orientation. No employee may begin work before providing proof of authorization to work in the U.S. in compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 and signing the oath required by law for State employees.
      6. Human Services will coordinate with the search committee to ensure that all unsuccessful applicants are informed when a candidate has accepted an offer of employment.

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