Filling Out Internship Agreement Forms - Liberal Studies Ukiah

  1. Download Internship Agreement form and print
  2. Contact an on-site supervisor for your internship (school principle, museum curator, classroom teacher, school counselor, business owner, etc)

To fill out our form:

  1. Determine number of units 1, 2, 3. You will put in 45 hours per unit, so for one unit, 45 hours, 2 units 90 hours, and 3 units 135 hours. Remember, that any preparation, your research, meetings with faculty sponsor, on-site supervisor, time log keeping, writing, and 'homework' or assingments associated with the internship all count as hours. The on-sites hours combined wtih all of the other work add up to the total for the 16 week semester. If you need help with determining the amount of hours you will put in, call the coordinator at either 664-2437 or 664-2251.
  2. Check CR/NC grading mode.
  3. Department and class number is SSCI 499
  4. Title of internship will be determine by work you will do. Examples: “Teaching Art to Pre School Children,” “Designing a playground protocol for conflict in elementary school,” “Designing math problems for after school program at Laytonville High School,” “Helping High School Students apply for College,” “Organizing in a Museum setting,” and so on. Consult with site-supervisor and program coordinator to determine an appropriate title for the internship.
  5. Faculty sponsor is Sandra Feldman
  6. Keep a copy
  7. Send to: Sonoma State University, Stevenson 2078, Liberal Studies Ukiah, c/o School of Social Sciences, 1801 E. Cotati Ave., Rohnert Park, CA 94928 or FAX to 707-664-3920 and write at top of page LIBS UKIAH.
  8. Two weeks before finals week, send to Sandra Feldman a 2-4 page narrative of your internship experience. Send your time log signed weekly by site supervisor. Send a letter written by your supervisor on your participation. Find 3 “Best Practice” articles on your field and write 3 brief summaries of articles; include a bibliography or works cited for articles. Send a copy of your internship agreement. via fax (707) 664-3920-or-scan and email to:
  9. Enjoy your good service! More questions, call Karen Leitsch at 664-2251.