Kinesiology 550 Seminar in Biomechanics


Instructor: Dr. Wanda Boda                                                                 

Office Hours: P.E 26 , Tues 2-3, Wed 1-3 or by appointment

Lecture: Wed 6-7:40  pm PE 15


Phone 707 664-3938




Prerequisites: Kin 350 (undergraduate Biomechanics)


Text: The primary text for the course will be a reader that can be purchased at Express             Printing. Phone #: 585-3248



This course uses topical published research articles to discuss the qualitative and quantitative analysis of human movement and their application for Kinesiology professionals. Topics will vary, however, the underlying objective will be to understand particular aspects of the research presented in these articles including:  appropriateness of research design, methodology, statistical methods, analysis techniques and limitations of the studies.


Learning objectives:

At the end of this course the student should be able to:

1) Read, understand and interpret scientific literature in the area of Biomechanics.

2) Understand the instrumentation used in Biomechanics (motion analysis software, computer graphics, electromyography, force plates).

3) Understand the applications of Biomechanics to rehabilitation, athletics, pedagogy and implications for practitioners in rehabilitation, adult fitness, teaching and coaching.

4) Be able to present research in a clear and straight forward manner.




Grades will be determined by:

Midterm 25%

Presentation of current events in Biomechanics 25%

Final Review Paper or Project 25%

Participation and article reviews 25%




A   = 95%         B   = 85%         C    = 75%        D   = 65%

A-  = 90%        B-  = 80%         C-   = 70%        D-  = 60%

B+  = 88%        C+  = 78%        D+  = 68%        F  = below 60%





The topics for the midterm will be covered during readings and lecture material. Study guide and lecture notes will be available on a web page for download at your leisure.


Presentation of Current Events in Biomechanics:

Students will find an article about some current technological change in Biomechanics Topics could include the current trends in prosthetic legs, shoe design, swimsuit design, car ergonomics, bicycle fitting etc.


Project Option:

Students will design, complete and write up a project. The write-up will consist of the same parts as the presentation below and should have 5 research articles as part of the introduction and discussion. This project could be one of the following:


1)      The design and fabrication of a piece of equipment.

2)      Design of a software/hardware machine computer interface.

3)      Design and implement a quantitative study with existing equipment using human subjects (at least 5)

4)      Qualitative biomechanical analysis of a skill or skill progression.


Paper Option:

The paper will be a review and synthesis of at least 15 biomechanics articles pertaining to a particular topic of interest in biomechanics. It will be graded 25% each on content, organization, writing, and analysis.



Students will present their project or paper to the class.  Talks and discussion should last approx 15-20 minutes. The presentation should include an Introduction introducing the topic and need for research, Methods used to collect the data, Results that were collected during the study. Discussion of the results. Presentations should be in a formal style using prepared over heads or powerpoint and a 1 page summary for the class audience.



Midterm Date: April 27th


Project and Papers Due: at the end of the semester


Presentations: These will be presented during the last half of the semester.


Lecture Topics will follow the reading material order and special topics such as statistics or data filtering methods.