So you want to be a Forensic Anthropologist or Bioarchaeologist...

First off, I strongly encourage you to major in Anthropology. These links should be helpful:

Joining a professional organization is a great way to meet like-minded students and professors, keep up with the latest research, and learn about new fieldwork opportunities. All of these organizations have discounted rates for students, both for membership and for conference registration.

You will also need to obtain experience outside of the classroom. This might include:

Internships. In today's budgetary climate, these are not easy to come by. However, it's work taking a look at these resources to see whether there are openings.

Field schools:

Finally, for most (but not all) relevant career paths, you will need a graduate degree. Take a look at some excellent graduate programs (most of which are in Anthropology departments) that emphasize Forensics and/or Bioarchaeology.

M.A./M.S. only M.A./Ph.D.
Mercyhurst College

Arizona State University

CSU Chico Ohio State University
San Francisco State University of Tennessee
CSU Los Angeles University of Florida
Louisiana State University University of Pittsburgh
University of Indianapolis University of Alabama
Texas State University Texas A&M University
John Jay College (CUNY) SUNY Binghamton
University of North Texas University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Boston University Syracuse University
North Carolina State

However, graduate school is not something to undertake lightly! Here are a couple of links that might help you think through the prospects:

If you decide that a graduate degree in Anthropology is for you, consider some other options:

If you would like me to write a recommendation for you (and I am usually happy to do so!), please click here for guidelines.