Hidden Waters of San Rafael
A Study of Mahon Creek
Student Research Projects Spring 2000 - Spring 2001

See our GIS map of Mahon Creek study site

Our team of researchers includes science, environmental and cultural advisors, as well as university and high school students.

Sampling Mahon Creek Waters in February 2000.

The creek has long been channelized through the city.

Claudia Sun won First Prize at Redwood High School's science fair this spring for her work on this creek.

Finding the headwaters of the creek was one of our goals.

Getting all our sampling equipment ready...

Janice Gilligan lays a transect line in order to count invasive plant species.

Steve Hernandez collects water samples for later analysis.

NEER coordinators: a collaboration of the Bay Institute, Sonoma State University, and the World Education Web.

Up the hills past Tamalpais Cemetery lies the beginnings of the waterway we are surveying.

Marilyn I. Cannon, May 1, 2001