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We have invited Dynamic Guest Speakers!

Professor Ed Castillo from the Department of Native American Studies addressed the importance of reciprocity in Native American cultures.

Garden on the Edge students listen and participate.

Prof. Dorothy Friedel gave us added insight on the Los Angeles Basin region with her presentation on Urban Desert: the Physical Geography of Los Angeles.

Robert making an interesting point on Woodruff v Bloomfield Mining Company.

Prof. Tom Jacobson speaking on the 1887 court opinion on Woodruff v. Bloomfield Mining Company, the first environmental lawsuit filed in the State of California.

One of Prof. Terry Wright's enlightening slides: seismic activity in California and the western U.S. Go to Terry Wright's homepage for more!

What humans have done to the Delta Wetlands:
A map of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta with dikes holding back the waters, creating farmland and other "dryland" below sea level.

Dr. Chris Kjeldsen discussing the demise of the nuclear power industry in California, beginning in the 1960s at Bodega Bay, where a reactor was slated to be built on the San Andreas Fault.

A "Monument" that will be standing for thousands of years (Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant).
Photo by Chris K. Kjeldsen

Kathleen Harrison spoke animatedly on the ethnobiology of the Channel Islands and Native American uses of plants there and on the mainland.

Cactus blooming on Santa Catalina Island, one of the larger of the Channel Islands.

Marilyn I. Cannon, May 3, 1999