BIOLOGY 115:  INTRODUCTION TO BIOLOGY (section 6)   Spring 2008

(Meets on Mon. & Wed. 2:30 – 3:45 in Darwin 102)


Instructor:           Marilyn I. Cannon                                                        

                              OFFICE: Darwin 216

                              PHONE:  664-2717 (office: voice mail)

                              EMAIL address:


Office Hours: Mon. & Wed.  12:00 - 1:00; Friday 10:30 - 11:30 (or by appointment)


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Required Text:

Campbell,  Reece and Simon. 2006. Essential Biology with Physiology, 2/E. ISBN 0805368418. Benjamin Cummings

CD-ROM enclosed in the textbook is a good study guide for this course. Also use the Self-Quizzes, Glossary, and Website Activities such as mp3 tutors and video clips.

On the Web:


Objectives for This Course


1.  To increase your awareness and appreciation for living things in your environment.

2.  To help you understand the role of biology in our society. 

3.  To introduce you to some methods and techniques used in biological research.

4.  To demonstrate major unifying principles applicable to all life.

5.  To help you develop knowledge and confidence to pursue further studies in biological sciences.

6.  To instill a deeper ecological awareness and explore the dynamic relationships of living organisms with other organisms and with the abiotic components of their environment.

7.  To encourage you to become a better informed and more involved citizen.


Grading and Examinations


Three Midterm Exams (100 pts each x 3 = 300 points)

Final Exam (200 points) ALL STUDENTS MUST TAKE THE FINAL EXAM to receive a passing grade.

 (Objective exams; primarily Multiple Choice questions)

Five Quizzes (25 pts each):  The lowest quiz score will be dropped.

Class Participation (50 pts)


Grades will be based on exams, quizzes and class participation.

1.  The lowest quiz score will be omitted from calculations for the grade.

2.  Grades are assigned as follows:

90 - 100 %


Plus and minus grades

80 - 89 %


will be assigned to the

70 - 79 %


upper and lower % of

60 - 69 %


each letter grade (except

lower than 60%


there is no A+).


Late make-up exams must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance and require permission of the instructor. Make-up exams will be penalized 10% unless a written medical excuse is provided.


Attendance:  It is expected that you attend every class period.




Several assignments for a possible 50 total extra credit points. Most will be posted in WebCT.   


Please Note:  These assignments will be posted (as they are assigned).




1.  Read assigned chapter before you come to class.   

2.  Attend every class period.

3.  Take charge of your own learning.  Study for understanding of the concepts, not just memorization of "facts".

4.  Be alert and take good notes.  Go over your notes after class and make extra notes from your reading.

5.  If you are having difficulty, seriously consider arranging for a tutor at the Tutorial Center in Salazar Hall.

6.  Consider getting together with other students outside of class to discuss the material and study for exams.

7.  Above all, determine to do your very best this semester!


Marilyn I. Cannon, Jan. 22, 2008