Biology 240 General Microbiology

Welcome to the World of Protists, Fungi, Bacteria and Viruses!

A few representatives from this microscopic world:

a species of cyanobacterium.

Known also as blue-green algae; called a health food by the ancient Aztecs, it is rich in protein, beta carotene, iron, vitamin B-12 and the rare essential fatty acid, GLA. Also said to boost the human Immune System.
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Giardia lamblia

Human giardiasis ("beaver fever") usually results from drinkingwater contaminated with this protozoan. Infections are frequently seen in day care centers and among campers. In acute cases, symptoms may include nausea, upper intestinal pain and mild or severe diarrhea. Fever and chills may be present, and symptoms may even mimic a peptic ulcer or gall bladder disease. More Information on Giardia lamblia


Soil bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
These bacteria are motile in aquatic environments.


Rhizopus sp.
A black bread mold (Zygomycota)

This course is an introduction to the fascinating world of microbial organisms, to their characteristics and organization, and to their important roles in all aspects of the biosphere.

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Required Textbook and Lab Manual:

Tortora, Funke, and Case. Microbiology, An Introduction, 10th Edition (2010). ISBN 0321550072
Published by Benjamin Cummings, San Francisco.

Pearson Custom Library. Biology 240 General Microbiology Laboratory Experiments (2011).  (in the the SSU bookstore)

Optional Textbooks that may be helpful to you:

The Microbiology Coloring Book ISBN 0-0604-1925-3

Microbiology: A Photographic Atlas for the Laboratory by Steve Alexander & Dennis Strete ISBN 0-8053-2732-0

Techniques in Microbiology: A Student Handbook by John M. Lammert ISBN 0-13-224011-4

A White Blood Cell being attacked by the AIDS virus.

A Radiolarian,a member of the Protozoa.


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