Instructions for Adding your Email Address

to the Biology 308 Listserv

IMPORTANT: Don't try until Wed., Feb 5!

Important notice: Due to the transition from EdenOA to PeopleSoft, class rosters and student e-mail addresses are not currently available throught the Sonoma State University Information Technology Center.

For this semester, Fall 2002, you will need to subscribe yourselves to your class mailing lists!! Write from the email address you wish to use for class. (If there is more than one email address you wish to use, then subscribe yourself individually from each of your email accounts.)

Students can subscribe by sending an email message to:

The body of the message should contain the single line:


Note: If you have a Hotmail email account, it may not subscribe successfully in this way; or, if you an error message returned to you, go to the following site and fill out the form and submit it. (I just spoke to IT and was told this info.)
1. In the space for the listserv address, put:
2. In the space for your email, put your email address.
3. Click on the circle in front of Add to the List.
4. Then click on the "Make the Change" button. That is it!

PLEASE do this as soon as possible -- Thank you!