Biological Oceanography
Biology 312

An upper-division non-majors course designed to explore the chemical, physical and biological aspects of ocean science.
Class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:00 - 9:15 a.m. in Darwin 108

 Please Note: The Final is due on Tuesday, May 18, not Monday! Sorry about the incorrect date.

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March 13 Seal Watch at Jenner and Goat Rock
March 18 Campbell Cove & Bodega Head
April 13 Bodega Bay Boat Trip (coming soon)
April 24 Bodega Bay and Bodega Head
May 8 Shell Beach (3 miles south of Jenner)

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An egret searching for food among the eel grass beds at low tide.

Luxuriant growth of green algae on the Bodega mudflats.

Intertidal view during a minus tide: kelp and seagrass.

Leaf barnacles

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Marine Biology, fourth edition (2003), by Castro and Huber. Publisher: McGraw Hill

Please see Oceanology syllabus.

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Please see Oceanology syllabus.

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