Marine Algae: The Seaweeds
MacKerricher State Park, Laguna Point Rocky Intertidal

Red Algae: Botryoglossum farlowianum

Red Algae: Candrocanthus sp.

Coralline Algae (Rhodophyta) in tidepool (Halosaccion in foreground)

A red seaweed, Eryrthrophyllum delesseriodes

Brown seaweed, "Feather Boa", a kelp: Egregia sp.

Brown seaweed, "Rockweed", Fucus gardneri

A red seaweed (!) Halosaccion glandiforme

Seaweeds cover the rocks and compete for space in intertidal habitats.

The "Iridescent Seaweed" Mazzaella spendens

A member of the brown seaweeds known as kelps:
Alaria marginata

Sea Palms: Postelsia palmaeformis, a member of the brown seaweeds known as kelps (Phaeophyta).

Red seaweeds, Phylum Rhodophyta

A member of the Rhodophyta (red seaweeds): Rhodymenia sp.

The Rocky Intertidal shows zonation.
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Marilyn Cannon, March 25, 2007