Biology 334 Plant Physiology, Fall 2002

Student Research Presentation Shcedule

Program for Tuesday, December 10

Jonathan Reveal

Leaf Stomatal Densities in Alder Trees (Alnus sp.)

Brent Johnson

Effects of Serpentine Soils on Germination and Productivity

Robin Stoneking

Effects of Different Wavelengths of Light on Cucumber Seedling Growth

Kathy Herman

Boron Toxicity

Blake Potter

Photosynthesis Rates of Elodea Response to Wavelength Variance

Morgan Snyder

Eucalyptus globulus and Inhibition of Seed Germination in California Native Plants

Program for Thursday, December 12

Donna Losee

The Effect of Antibacterial Soap on the Growth of Rhizobium, a Nitrogen-fixing Bacterium

Kevin Walters

Anabaena Growth in Response to Various CO2 and O2 Levels

Kristie Scarazzo

Effects of Plant Hormones (Gibberellin and Kinetin) on Seed Germination

Kim Covington

Pressure Bomb Experiments on Xylem Pressures of Baccharis pilularis at Various Elevations

Chandelle McKee

Various Treatments and Their Effects on Seed Germination

Kris Moran and Maria Harris

Phytochemicals from "Sudden Oak Death Syndrome" Hosts, such as Umbellularia californica

Brian Ferguson

Phototropism Responses under Various Wavelengths

Greg Greeson

Tropisms: Is Light or Gravity more Powerful in Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) Plants?

Kelly Jordan

Phototropism in Several Species