Eng. 280/ITDS 280 Introduction to California Studies, Spring 2010
Class meets Wednesdays 4:00 - 6:40 in Nichols Hall 204

Instructor: Marilyn I. Cannon, Professor Emeritus in Biology
email: marilyn.cannon@sonoma.edu
OFFICE: Darwin 216
PHONE: 664-2717 (office; voice mailbox)
Also, messages can be left in my mailbox in the Biology Dept.
Office Hours: Wednesday 1:30 - 3:00  (or by appointment)


ITDS 280/ENGL. 280, Introduction to California Cultural Studies is an interdisciplinary California humanities course which is designed to meet the GE requirement of C4 and serve as an introduction to the California Cultural Studies major. It is the introductory course for both a major and minor in CCS.



Students are introduced to the demands of living in a pluralistic society such as California, as well as to the communication skills needed to develop cross-ethnic and cross-cultural perspectives.

Required Books: All are available at the SSU Bookstore and through online sources. Northlight Books in Cotati may have copies, also.

You must read all of the class material; there will be a quizzes on the readings.
Please come prepared to discuss the works that are listed for each class.

Objectives for this Course:

1.  To provide students with a general introduction to California regionalism 
2. To explore the relationships between land/cityscapes and ethnic and regional identity
3. To develop cultural and historical awareness of the uniqueness of California Culture
4. To connect imagined spaces with historical and natural spaces
5. To explore the aesthetic foundation of California arts and literature
6. To develop capacities and skill related to collaborative work
7. To gain experience communicating valuable insights and research results

 Please note: Students taking this course will already have some experience in critical reading and writing for general fine arts and literature courses. Prerequisites: completion of GE A1 and A2.

 Assessment (Grading)

Analysis of a portfolio consisting of all assignments: response papers, term paper/or project, examinations, and assessment. Students must achieve competency in a constellation of skills derived from discrete knowledge areas.

Grading Scale:

90 - 100 % A                 80 - 89 %   B                   70 - 79 %  C                   60 - 69 %  D

Plus and minus grades will be assigned for all (except A+, which is not allowed by SSU).
No Late Exams or assignments without a Doctor's note. Exams submitted late will have at least 20% deducted from the score.

Important Notes:
Late make-up exams must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance and require permission of the instructor. Make-up exams will be penalized 10% unless a written medical excuse is provided. 
Attendance:  It is expected that you attend every class period.

All individuals participating in this course have a responsibility to create and maintain an environment conducive to learning.  A learning-friendly environment is one that is free of distractions, engages all participants in the learning process, and does not demean or dehumanize any individual or group.  Participants will therefore adhere to the following:.
    Arrive on time and remain for the duration of class.
    Refrain from conducting private conversations in class.
    Use appropriate language and behavior that does not demean or dehumanize any person or group of persons, whether or not such persons are present.

Cell Phone and Technology Etiquette: It is inappropriate to make or receive any type of cell phone calls or text messages during class activities. This includes time in lecture, lab, on field trips, and in university vans.

Students With Disabilities
The Disability Services for Students program is here to provide academic accommodations to eligible students with disabilities, and to help the University meet its obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. For more information, please call the DSS office at 664-2677.

Action for Repeats in Impacted Courses
The URL for the full SSU course repeating policy is http://www.sonoma.edu/ar/records/repeat.pdf.

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Marilyn I. Cannon, January 26, 2010